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At last! The bubble has been popped, and the away team has returned with new and exciting information about former civilizations. As the aftermath settles, citizens express their unrest, leading to a call for a replacement Civilian Director, who has not officially been replaced since Oliver Stone took his leave a year prior. This leads to the beginning of debates and polarization, which leads to members to turn to the local body of government as well as Starfleet to settle the issue.


Where has the Captain gone?

Start Date Fri Mar 3rd, 2023 @ 10:35am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Crime Scene
by Lieutenant Gunnar Arnason & Lieutenant Helena Issacks & Ensign Davna
MD 01 : 0535 Hrs Captain Mahone's Cabin, Haumea Colony
The Bad News
by Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Bradley
Captain's Ready Room
by Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Bradley
MD-02 Camp Nowhere, & 25 kilometers away from Haumea.
Uncharted Territory
by Ensign Davna & Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Bradley
MD01 0730 Camp Vimy Ridge [Marine Headquarters]
He Never Listens [Mission Start]
by Ensign Davna
MD 01 : 0524 Hrs Captain Mahone's Cabin, Haumea Colony

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