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Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Bradley

Name Shaun Aaron Bradley

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terracian-Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color grey-blue
Physical Description A medium to tall height man, Shaun is rather unremarkable on the surface. No immediately notable scars or facial markings, aside from a well kept beard. He likes to smile, often found with a goofy grin plastered to his face over some lame joke he's spouted off. His eyes have always been an oddity, predetermined to be hold and unfeeling, they seem to unintentionally stare into a person, rather than look at them. His nose, if you look close is not quite right, from where he broke it on the inside of his cockpit once. His skin would be described as a lightly tanned caucasian, but he always preferred the term "Half baked potato". His dirty blond hair is cropped just long enough that he still has his hair to mess with, but short enough that it fails to make contact with his eyebrows, ears or the collar if even the strictest uniforms.

If, for some reason, you catch him without a flight jacket on, you'll find him to be well toned, his arms and chest not so much bulky like you'd expect from a Marine Fighter Pilot, but well structured. Over the years, he's slowly build the slightest of a gut, something he often moans and gripes about. Over his left shoulder is the tattoo of his longest posting, a stealth operations unit, nicked named "Ghost Busters" showing a blackened Raptor with two ghosts on the wings. Light scar tissue runs down his right knee from a childhood accident, that he never bothered to have doctors remove, always joking "If I have kids, they'll need a lesson taught less painfully than I."


Spouse Lt. CMMDR Naeris Byrr-Bradley
Father Dr Frank Bradley (SFMed)
Mother Captain Lucia Bradley
Sister(s) Maryann Bradley-McKinnon, teacher on Earth. (Younger)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shaun has never been a difficult man, liking the laugh instead of fight his way through a problem. He used to joke if his military career washed up, he could go be a travelling comedian. He often remarks that he was punished for his humour with unusually cruel eyes, which people have often said makes it look as though he was attempting to glare at something. Whole he is a laughing man, and enjoys his jokes, he is also a surprisingly private person, keeping to himself from time to time, and on occasion, merely disappearing from a group function. Nicknamed Spector for the way he makes appearances out of no where, often for the sake of a joke, and then disappears as quickly. He has often enjoyed teaching other what he's learned and is alway happy to mentor a pilot in need. He also enjoyed pulling his own weight, often found helping the Engineers maintain his craft in the ways he can.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a fairly balanced individual, Shaun sees himself with a fair few strengths and weaknesses. His light humoured side and cool tempter often keep him in the clear from trouble or danger. However, along with this, on the odd occasion he has been seen from his superiors as not taking a situation as seriously as it deserves. Is slightly reserved side often keeps him from making too many friends and keeping people a little distant. With this, he often hides away in his office or in training simulations, making him at the least, exceptionally proficient at his career.
Ambitions Shaun Bradley doesn't focus too hard on the future, always quoting "I want a Wing some day. Or a ship with my own Wing. I'll take what I can get." Failing that, he'd like to pass his in-depth knowledge down to other pilots one day, taking on a training role.
Hobbies & Interests Shaun enjoys music, specifically jazz and rock. Music from all eras can often be found wafting from his workstation or room. At a young age he learned both the guitar and bass, so depending on the mood, he can be found playing along.

Outside of music, he enjoys ships. Everything from classic Earth sailing ships to modern vessels, he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of vessels.

Personal History Shaun Bradley was born to Doctor Frank Bradley (human) and his wife (then) Junior Lieutenant Lucia Bradley (Terrachian) on Earth. His mother at the time, a lawyer by trade, was assigned to the JAG at Star Fleet Command; his father a doctor at a local hospital. His life early life was uneventful, with his sister being born two years after him. Much to his mother's displeasure, he never developed the telepathic abilities native to her species, unlike his sister.

Still in grade school at the outbreak of the Dominion War, Shaun remembered well the constant news updates of the fighting from the Dominion. He remembered watching and thinking that he would one day save people from events like that. His sister, who grew adversed to war due to her budding telepathic abilities, always was disgusted with these notions. Eventually, this put a rift between him and his sister that would ultimately drive them apart in their young adult lives. Aside from that, however, he was a fairly active youth. He grew up loving sports (even receiving an injury that almost tore his right knee from his leg and leaving a nasty scar. He was never a top of the pack student, but high enough that he got by with little issue.

Throughout most of Shaun's childhood, he'd had issues sleeping. He was berated by voices he couldn't quite understand. He saw a psychiatrist, who figured it was half developed telepathy, and prescribed him to reduce the voices. By the time he was fifteen, the voices had stopped, even without the medication, and he assumed he would be cured of them for life. He would still feel himself in tune with the feelings of others, but never really thought more of it. This had added further strain on his relationship with his mother, who found the suppression of his potential abilities abhorrent.

After finishing school, he immediately enrolled in Star Fleet Academy, thinking he'd pursue an Engineering role. He was a hands on learner and loved tinkering. However, during his first year, in 2378, he was dazzled by the presence of a Star Fighter flight maneuver and switched streams. His sister, already set to be a teacher, tried to convince him to go back to being an engineer, along with his mother. When he adamantly refused, the two ceased speaking with him for a good number of years.

Shaun was pleased to discover that flying seemed to be a part of his soul. He was a natural, and a bit of a show off. During these years, he was headhunted by the Star Fleet Marine Corps as a Fighter Pilot, and drafted to his training. Completing ROTC at Annapolis, he graduated with his wings and his degree in Quantum Mechanics, a choice that had baffled many of his teachers. He completed his final flight tests in 2382 and was assigned to the USS Apocalypse as a pilot.

It would be unfair to call Shaun's pilot experience eventful. He flew as a pilot for the Apocalypse until the Romulus Supernova in 2387, where Star Fleet began to panic. His piloting skills with the Raptor caught the attention of a few officers, and he found himself reassigned to the specially built Raptor Squadron "Ghost Busters" aboard a Sovereign Class vessel that changed names too many times for his liking.

Here, he was introduced to the custom built SFMC Raptor-S. The weapons and shield systems as well as hulls were designed to be as invisible as possible, without the use of an actual cloaking device. During the time with Ghost Busters, Shaun learned the finesse of stealth pilots. The ability to appear as a piece of debris or as just a sensor error proved useful as the team was deployed on many an Infiltration mission gathering info rather than dogfighting.

During his time on deployment, the Lieutenant has had a few scrapes, and one major bump in his career. According to mission files, a reconnaissance mission had gone awry when they discovered a Slave Ring operating in the space they were patrolling. When engaged, one of slaver vessels broke from the pack and was making a run for it, refusing to respond to radio transmissions. When the ship was about to jump to warp, Bradley hit the vessels engines, intending to disable them, but causing a rupture in the containment of the warp plasma, and detonating the ship. While on the official record labeled an action appropriate by the situation, Bradley was taken off duty for a short while to deal with the loss of all 50 lives on board the vessel.

In 2392, when the SFMC FOB Camp Falkirk was opened and requiring a Raptor pilot for their Squadron Operations, the then Lieutenant Bradley was quickly offered up by his Squadron Commander, saying that "It was finally time you got something good for you boy!"

Shortly after his assignment to the Camp, a technical malfunction took the current CAG out of commission, and left them without a direct commanding officer. During the shuffle, and a mere thirty-six hours into the assignment, Shaun found himself almost whirlwind into the rank of Captain, and the position of Area Group Commander.

During his assignment, he became ill without knowing it. The illness had brought out his own latent and suppressed telepathic abilities. They did not know at the time, but it was due to the heavy presence of the Jad'Lor, a powerful telepathic species that had been secretly hiding in and around Camp Falkirk. Medical Officers were able to alleviate the sickness, however the telepathic abilities remained, something he had to live with.
Service Record 2378: Enlisted in Star Fleet Academy - Corps of Engineers
--Switched to Aerospace within first month.

2379: Star Fleet Marine Corps sees potential in Cadet Bradley, he is transferred to Annapolis to complete his Quantum Mechanics degree and Flight Trainings, attached to the Fighter Pilot Stream.

2382: Graduation and promotion to Second Lieutenant, USS Apocalypse.

2385: Promotion to Lieutenant, Element Leader

2387: Reassigned to the USS [REDACTED], Ghost Busters Squadron, Flight Leader of Spector Flight. (Callsign Spector.)

2392: Under recommendation, assigned to Camp Falkirk, Squadron Commander, Raptor Squadron. Quick deployment.
--During first 48 hours on station, promoted to Captain and assigned to the position of Group Commander.
-- Shot down by own pilots in less than a week, due to medical issues.

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