Haumea Colony

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.


Crossed Wires

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While the Captain is nowhere to be found, trouble brews over the atmosphere of Haumea Colony. An unidentified ship has entered the system, and threatens to barrel into the Colony! The crew must act fast to save the denizens while not causing a potential political disaster!


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At last! The bubble has been popped, and the away team has returned with new and exciting information about former civilizations. As the aftermath settles, citizens express their unrest, leading to a call for a replacement Civilian Director, who has not officially been replaced since Oliver Stone took his leave a year prior. This leads to the beginning of debates and polarization, which leads to members to turn to the local body of government as well as Starfleet to settle the issue.


Where has the Captain gone?

What Lies Ahead, Between, and Behind

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Use this mission for your before and in-between mission posts. Timestamps should indicate a 'before' or 'in between' missions accordingly.

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Our story begins not on the colony that would be dubbed Haumea, but aboard the USS Io, a Starfleet vessel poised to deliver goods and people to what would be known as Haumea. Tensions are high between civilian leadership and the Command Staff aboard the Io, caused by a number of classified documents and extremely strict orders from Starfleet Brass. Caught in the middle, Captain James Matthews and Lieutenant Commander Luka Mahone find themselves in a struggle to put out administrative fires without adding more fuel to the next.

This tale takes place six months before the official settlement of Haumea Colony, serving as a prelude of what is to come…

Deep Freeze

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Six Months from the aftermath of the Io's destruction, Starfleet has established a small base of operations upon Haumea Colony. High tensions boil up as the denizens experience a sudden and extreme drop in temperatures and weather. The changes brings about more issues than originally anticipated, and it's up to those within the colony to band together and get down to the heart of the issue... before it becomes too late.

Snow Birds

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A Vesta Shore Leave. These are cross-posts that occur upon the USS Vesta.

The USS Vesta touches down on Haumea for a week for some well-deserved RnR.


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A well-weathered shuttle is unearthed during an archaeological dig, with little evidence as to what occurred or where it came from.

Equivalent Exchange

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Two weeks after the events of Canary, the denizens of Haumea Colony find themselves with the fallout.

Character Building Mission

Mission Details


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Details coming soon

Roll With It

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The aftermath of Frizzle behind our crew, a new, odd threat emerges from within the colony's perimeter. Overnight, a forcefield envelops the whole of the colony's central area, blocking traffic and communication lines.

Mission Overview

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