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Ieliene t'Leiya

Name Ieliene Sarina t'Leiya

Position Child

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 14

Physical Appearance

Height 1.67m (5'6")
Weight 58 kgs (128 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown, Dyed Purple/Red
Eye Color Black/Brown
Physical Description Lithe and clearly not quite done growing yet (but also clearly not a child), Ieliene has a slight touch of the gangly look of one growing so quickly they're ever-so-slightly out of proportion at the moment - a typical teenager. Much to her parent's distress, she has her hair dyed, loves to wear makeup and jewelry, and favors clothes that are far "trendier" Earth fashion style and bare far more skin than they would like.


Father Tal
Mother Aliereth
Sister(s) Kalahaiaea (Kali) (46), Devora (12), Raikael (10)
Other Family Aunt Caithlin, Cousins Arenn (9) and Telek (9)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like most young Romulans or Vulcans, Ieliene possesses a fiery temper that she occasionally slips in controlling more than an adult would. This same unbridled passion carries over into most areas of her life; she has an unstoppable thirst for adventure and an excellent if inevitably occasionally immature sense of humor. As very few of her schoolmates — or teachers, for that matter — on Earth where she was born could pronounce her first name correctly, Ieliene tends to go by "Liene" or "Lia" among humans and other species, and also sometimes as nickname within the family.
Strengths & Weaknesses Has an insatiable curiosity. She is highly intelligent, but given her age this often gets her into just as much trouble as it gets her out of. She struggles sometimes with the often conflicting standards and desires of her parents and her ancestral culture vs the Earth standards she has been raised around outside the family. Developmentally, if compared to a human teenager psychological and non-physical maturity wise, she would be ahead of the human norm for her age in some areas, and behind it in others...As is typical for her species.
Ambitions Dye her hair purple; possibly go into a science-related career; get her parents to stop bugging her about her clothes; go orbital skydiving.
Hobbies & Interests Ieliene is interested in engineering and science; also makeup, hair, fashion, the teen music scene, bladed weapons, rock climbing, and hoverboarding.

Personal History Though 32 years separates Ieliene and her older sister Kali, this isn't unheard of in a long lived species...though as her mother often remarks what would likely raise eyebrows among their own kind is the mere two years that separate each of the younger sisters from one another. Like her sisters, she was born on Earth in Boston, though she has also lived aboard a starbase when her parents later followed her older sister, who was stationed there as a Starfleet intelligence officer, there for a time.

As the oldest of the younger set of children, she sometimes finds herself called on by her parents - even when she was younger - to assist them with matters they feel they cannot trust those outside the family with, when Kali was unavailable or stationed elsewhere and Caithlin had not yet arrived in the Federation. She has spent much of her life trying to balance and parse out the expectations, responsibilities, and privileges given to her at home, vs those expected, allowed, or prohibited of her outside the family, on Earth...which is a significant number of areas which are not only different, but sometimes outright contradictory. This is, unfortunately, only becoming more difficult and complex as she grows.

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