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Captain Luka Mahone

Name Luka Mahone

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35; October 21rst
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 149 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Brown
Physical Description His muscle tone has softened over time, years of exercise being tossed aside in exchange for investing more time in carving a way into the structure of Command. With this, his skin has paled slightly, though he still tans well with proper exposure to sunlight. His uniforms are always pressed perfectly and absolutely pristine, as if he's about to walk into a surgery at any moment.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kye Mahone
Mother Alana Mahone
Brother(s) Kikua Mahone (25, Starfleet Engineer, Lt. Jr Grade)
Sister(s) Alika Mahone (25, Deceased)
Alika Mahone [MU] (25, Currently on the lamb)
Other Family Seshi Macae ('Colony' Mother), Cireve Eiclaws (Former Nurse Associate, Currently Stationed on USS Olympius)

Personality & Traits

General Overview While a caring and compassionate person at heart, Luka has become much more reserved in his mannerisms. Over the years, he has hardened his resolve, keeping his charitable efforts to his singularly focused task of ensuring everyone gets their own fair shake, and away from the slithery hands of less savory sorts. His trust in people has waned as well, waiting until he has seen someone in action before he decides to lay any form of trust other than professional.
Ambitions Luka's sole ambition is to lay the groundwork necessary to facilitate a change in Starfleet's lens. To him, the original philosophy of Starfleet was lost to times of war and corruption, and it's his goal to make his own dent in the side of the ever-present issues that Starfleet faces.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, water sports, spelunking, and most water-type activities. Surfing is his biggest hobby, as he once took the sport very very seriously at one point in his life.

Personal History There is no mystery behind the birth of Luka Mahone. His father, a retired Starfleet Engineer, and his mother, a nurse at a local hospital in Hawaii, were caring parents, and thus loved their son as much as they loved their community. Luka was a pleasant child, growing up with plenty of friends and family around him. He excelled in school, joined countless extracurricular activities, and received the praise of many primary school teachers and adult leader types. For all intents and purposes, Luka Mahone was nearly a picture-perfect child.

At the age of ten, another pair of lives entered the Mahone Household, literally kicking and screaming. The pair were near monsters, and his parents would fondly comment on how they seemed to take all of their brother's mischief from him. The boy was far from upset when parental focus turned from him to the twins, and he was more than happy to help out. As he aged, so to did the troublemakers, who were eventually unleashed onto the same school that Luka had earned the most shining of reputations.

Those first years were spent with his mother convincing the teachers that her twin children were scot free of issues and the like, which Left Luka to his own devices. While the twins were being psychoanalyzed by every manner of mental health professional, he used any time that wasn't spent on other obligations on the beach, chatting up those who frequented the area. It was there that he started learning about how to surf, picking up tips and tricks from anyone who would teach him. Eventually, he would learn how to surf proficiently, and, at the young age of sixteen, attempted to enter into a few competitions, or as many as he would have been allowed to.

As his modest, single-beach fame slowly grew, his mother's stress over the twins turned upon him. She soon discovered he had taken up a slightly more dangerous hobby than camping or soccer, and demanded that he immediately cease his 'extremely life-threatening' stunt. She may have come off a tad bit harsh, which she would later apologize for, but it puzzled the boy. His parents never yelled at him before, and they most certainly never did so to forbid him from doing anything he wanted to do.

If he were five years younger, he may have listened to his mother. However, the boy loved the sport, and protested his mother's anger. He explained the precautions and safeties he could have, even suggesting that she could bring the twins out, so that she could see for herself. But his mother was horrified, stubbornly putting her foot down, especially at the thought of the twins being let loose on the beach.

Despite the hardship of being torn from his newfound hobby, Luka continued through his schooling as jovially as ever. He didn't bring up the urge to surf again until it was finally determined that the twins were not indeed plagued with a psychological issue. As they mellowed out and teachers weren't giving the parents calls every other hour, maybe Luka could return to where his passion seemed to be? His mother protested, loudly, but it was his father that came up with a different solution.

While his father didn't agree that surfing was a horrible activity at all, he knew better than to negate anything Mama Mahone had set upon. Instead, he suggested that Luka enroll in Starfleet. The boy may not have found surfing, persay, but he would have been able to find new interests and meet people who had similar interests. As a bonus, it offered a great career track.

So, on his father's prompting, Luka flung himself at Starfleet Academy at age seventeen. Passing the entrance exam and enrolling in every class imaginable was the easy part. Even with his exuberance, the boy found the Academy's programs to not only be comprehensive, but challenging. In his four years at Academy, he crammed knowledge from all sorts of specialties in his head, choosing to be a doctor only when he realized there would be another academy for him to learn at. As soon as he graduated from the first Academy, he transferred to Medical Academy, where he was immediately absorbed into the culture. The instructors found him an absolute delight, nearly absorbing any and all of the knowledge they would throw at him, and keeping a pristine conduct record in the process.

Upon finishing his full eight years of schooling, he was immediately recommended for his first assignment on the USS Fargo, as a Medical Officer. The Fargo was disorganized from the Command Staff down, between constant shuffles of CO and a senior staff who thought little of their own crew. It was on this assignment that Luka met a young engineer named Asahi Kita, who had more trouble keeping himself out of sickbay than fixing technical issues that may have arisen. Never one to resist the idea of helping, Luka decided to aid his fellow young ensign, taking time during his shifts off to run around and help fix software malfunctions aboard the ship. Even when he was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, he spent most of his off hours making sure Asahi kept out of trouble, which resulted in the engineer recommending to his own superiors that Luka eventually receive some form of training, before being shipped off to the Galileo. Though Luka never received that training on the Fargo, he remained in contact with Asahi, who helped walk him through repairs of his own biobeds and medical scanning equipment.

The unsatisfactory level of treatment of his fellow crewmates, paired together with the absolutely abysmal disorganization of the Fargo was what prompted Luka to request for transfer. He was granted one in the form of Chief Medical Officer on the nearby Leto Colony, swiftly sent to the site while they had a need for a CMO. Just as swiftly as he was sent there, however, Luka was horrified to find the hospital in a state of disarray, especially when he realized that a joint-Federation/Civilian operation was not necessarily the most desirable. He left almost as quickly as he arrived, staying for only a month before requesting a transfer in any form he could get it, but not before helping the Federation presence on the colony in any way he could. The man was taken aside by the Admiral overseeing the colony, who threatened to put him in a position he would have dreaded if he didn’t stay on Leto. The idea of ‘dreading’ any position didn’t sit well with him, but at that point in his career, he had only assumed Leto was as bad as it could have been. He accepted the Admiral’s vague offer.

When Luka arrived on the USS Utanu, he discovered that the Admiral had assigned him to a ship that was meant to travel in unexplored, and quite distant, regions of space, on a form of demotion. Instead of feeling bitter about it, however, Luka took the time to re-orient himself. He dove right in, taking charge of emergency situations where both the CMO and ACMO were off on their own, and volunteered to help in the Science department whenever they needed a doctor. His achievements were soon noticed, and, when the CMO was promoted off and away from the Utanu, Luka was given the Assistant Chief position. He continued his work for the next year before eventually requesting a transfer to a position that would allow him to make up for his earlier failure on Leto. An opportunity presented itself in the form of a CMO position upon Starbase 50. On encouragement and recommendation from his superiors, he put himself on the list of potential candidates and hoped for the best.

With a successful transfer to Starbase 50, Luka found himself adventuring out to Gamma Quadrant in the hopes of peaceful contact with the Dominion. But not all in Starfleet agreed, as a contingent of marines concocted a plot to hijack a diplomatic dinner before the Starbase truly took off, Luka among the kidnapees. While the incident went with few deaths, the Starbase was quickly and quietly decommissioned and dismantled before the investigative red tape came off.

Distraught that he kept finding himself in awkward situations, and quite lost as to where he was going to go, Luka would take a two month sabbatical from Starfleet, partially to remove himself from the political backlash that the now defunct Starbase 50 would incur, but also to re-examine his own choices. He would spend most of this time on the planet of Bajor, working as a doctor for a small village that was without one.

It would be at the end of this two months that it was recommended to him that he join up with the USS Viking by a long time friend, at least in a civilian capacity. While he was there, he worked alongside doctors, found himself once again kidnapped by members of the Dominion, and accidentally transported to an alternate future, one where the Dominion had found their way to Earth. In the few months of adventures aboard the Viking, and the loss of someone dear, Luka would turn himself around, reinstating his commission and taking the vacant position of Chief Medical Officer of the Viking. He would also insist upon taking on command training, which he had been avoiding throughout his career, but chose to complete it as it would allow him to set forth a new personal goal for himself. If he didn't have the ability he needed to have as a doctor, he would have it wearing the red lined uniform of command.

What he would not expect would be a communication from an old friend, about a colony that was working to construct itself on an odd misnomer of a planet, which needed a contingent of Starfleet Officers involved. Said friend insisted upon Luka to be there, his experience in medical situations being invaluable to the findings of the science teams. However, as Luka was preparing a transfer as Chief Medical Officer, the command team involved with the colony shifted, with Luka finding himself transferring as impromptu Executive Officer. After taking the year that the colony needed to find its resources to complete his command training, Luka would be ready to take on the mantle of Executive Officer.

The first year of his transfer would be riddled with logistical disasters. Civilians who wanted the colony all to themselves, and Starfleet Admiralty who refused to let anyone in the Federation down there without at least some form of security escort. Both Luka and the CO found themselves in between, fielding angered questions and interpreting vague answers. To the budding Executive Officer, it flung up red flags, but he was insistent to get it done. He could sense the Commanding Officer faltering in demeanor, but that would not stop Luka from trucking on, now determined to discover why the brass insisted upon such an ordeal. It is now 2395, and the progress and movement has culminated into a full complement of Starfleet Officers to oversee the development of this civilian run colony. Starfleet Officers who would eventually need their own Commanding Officer.
Service Record 2377 - 2381 - Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2384 - Starfleet Medical Academy
2384 - 2386 - Medical Officer [USS Fargo; Lt. Jr Grade]
2386 – Early 2389 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer [USS Fargo; Lt. Jr Grade]
2389 [1 Month] - Chief Medical Officer [Leto Colony Lt. Jr Grade]
2389-2391 – Medical Officer [USS Utanu, Lt. Jr Grade]
2391-2392 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer [USS Utanu, Lieutenant Grade]
2392 - Chief Medical Officer [Starbase 50, Lieutenant]
Late 2392 - Sabbatical [Bajor]
2393 - Surgeon/Doctor on Premises [USS Viking, Civilian]
2393 - Chief Medical Officer, Distance Command Training [USS Viking, Lieutenant]
2393 - 2394 - Command Training Crash Courses [Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander]
2394 - Executive Officer [USS Io, Lieutenant Commander]
Future Slated - 2395 - Commanding Officer [Haumea Colony, Commander]

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