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Popped That Bubble Wide Open! [Mission End]

Posted on Tue Mar 7th, 2023 @ 10:05am by Captain Luka Mahone & Lieutenant Colonel Shaun Bradley
Edited on on Tue Mar 7th, 2023 @ 10:06am

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Mission: Roll With It
Location: Command Center, Captain Mahone's Office
Timeline: MD 02, Post Events

The relief that washed over Luka when he looked out the window of his office to see a lack of giant, hologram-enforced shield had a calming effect on the Captain. He had been fielding yet another protest from another set of worried civilian family members when Shaun walked in to report the news, or else he would have noticed the moment it had occurred.

"Ma'am, if you'll give us a little time, we can have you and your family off on the next transport," he explained to one unruly civilian, a middle-aged human woman who looked more red than the lining of his uniform. "Once I'm sure that your daughters are safe and healthy - of which I'm confident that if something has harmed them, our medical staff will take the best care of them - I will see to it myself that you are taken care of."

The woman, begrudgingly accepting of the arrangement, snorted in annoyance at Shaun as she turned around and left without a single thought. Despite the stress of her demands, Luka seemed... eerily calm.

"So I didn't hear explosions. Or anything else extremely loud. Good news to report?" he asked, sitting back in his chair and offering the other to Shaun with a gesture.

Sitting, the Colonel passed his PaDD over to the Captain with a smile that danced in his eyes. "Alas, all attempts of the Marines to blow something up spectacularly were pushed off by cooler heads, and those who thought safety were important above cool factor." The joke made him smile a little wider as he laughed at his own humour. "But in seriousness, as the bubble collapsed, we were able to push excess power to the rest of the grid in a slow and controlled method. I suspect that there is going to be someone's replicator that's cooked, or a cooler unit that fried along the way. Outside of that, everything seems fine. We deployed a couple field hospitals to the immediate area, but injuries are minor and managed."

The Marine's eyes glanced out the window as a shuttle flew past, but for looking back to the Captain. "Your security teams honestly have it handled so the last of the Marines have been pulled back to Camp Vimy Ridge - which remind me." He produced another PaDD. "We've started to dig in, and from the looks of it there is no sign of the Marines being relocated back to Falkirk. The team here has requested permission to formally name the space they're set up in, and establish slightly more permanent barracks. A discussion for later."

He gestured back out into the Haumea Colony proper. "As for the rest of the situation, not a lot really to report. You know how mad the civilian population is, and the space port is currently full of people that are very mad that we still have flight traffic grounded."

"They'll live," Luka stated blandly. "I'd rather that complaining than 'you let the culprit get away' complaining." He let out his stress through a sigh, which garnered the attention of Haechi, who set her snout on his knee. He gave her a soft pat. "I can't imagine the security teams had all of it handled; you won't hear any argument from me about you and your team staying. If anything, a Marine contingent could attract people who are leery of touching down in the first place. Having random bubbles pop up and people disappearing on school trips aren't exactly things we can put on one of those appealing travel packets."

"Come for the frontier living, stay because you are stuck in an alternate reality," Shaun said, waving a hand with the mocking sound of a FNN spokesperson. "I have more normal civilian recommendations as well. Our spaceport is currently under developed compared to the traffic we are getting. I would also recommend the construction of some emergency safety bunkers, should the civilian population need to make somewhere safer."

"I think I've got a pitch for one of those somewhere in here," Luka muttered, rifling through the PaDDs on the desktop. "I'll see if I can get that expedited. I don't think I'll have nearly as much of an argument now that we've had a good share of events."

As he continued his search, the growing pup made her way around the desk to peer curiously at Shaun. Without Lugh around, she was quieter, but that did not stop the natural puppy curiosity. Before Shaun could react, she was at his side, staring up at him and sniffing the air around him.

Reaching down, Shaun have the curious pup's head a quick pat. He liked dogs well enough, but mostly from a distance, being much more of a cat person himself. He found that, overall, cats were less likely to cause as much damage, and less so to those undeserving.

"Eh, I'll get Davna to ... re-find it," Luka admitted, leaning back. "It's going to be interesting enough reporting a giant hologram that practically kidnapped a portion of the colony. I can't imagine the reactions I'm going to get out of that one. But I also got word back from the away team and their findings. I'll get you a copy of what they sent me, but word'll get out at some point. It seems like Xaeprea isn't the only planet in this system without its mysteries."

"Colour me intrigued Captain," Shaun said, offering a smile, as he shoo'd the dog back towards his master. "Careful with those reports, adventure seekers will be crawling all over the system. Next thing you know you'll have a Quark's here, and a collection of adventure clubs offering tours."

"What, the Saloon and the brewpub aren't enough?" Luka's brow furrowed. "I think we can safely ward away a Quark's, especially after this." Thankfully, the Ferengi Alliance had not come knocking down Haumea's door (yet) in an attempt to proposition business ventures. "Adventure clubs? That's another matter. Maybe if we're strong enough with our 'no,' they'll get the hint." He gave a short whistle, catching the young malamute's attention. Haechi happily padded back to his side, sitting next to him and eagerly awaiting more pets.

"But I'll let you take a look at what's there before we get to talking about it. I'm sure there's enough damage control to keep the both of us busy for a few hours," he added with a small smirk. "And I'm sure this is something Admiral Minawara is going to want to hear about."

"Unless there is anything else?" Shaun asked, standing from the chair.

"Nope." Luka gave a shrug. "I'll make sure we've got a meeting set after all this, you know, to laugh about it."

"Have a good rest of your day then, Captain." He nodded his head and departed the room.

As the marine left, Luka's eyes shot down toward a PaDD that was sticking out from underneath the others. He frowned. "... I'll deal with you later."


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