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Scoping Out the New Chief

Posted on Fri Nov 26th, 2021 @ 4:32pm by Captain Luka Mahone & Lieutenant JG Willam Carmenere II

Mission: What Lies Ahead, Between, and Behind
Location: Haumea Colony
Timeline: Post-Frizzle
1004 words - 2 OF Standard Post Measure

William sat in the back of shuttle his eyes closed head leaning against the chair as the shuttle started its decent. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. It had been a long road to this point but one he had faced and survived. Life had it's challenges and he would persevere what other option was there give up and die?

He smiled as the shuttle touched down. He stood and shook his arms before making his way off the shuttle. He took a deep breath as the fresh air filled his lungs. It had been a long time since he smelled anything so fresh. The beauty of the colony stuck out to him. Sure it needed work, but it was beautiful.

He started walking towards where he could see Starfleet officer he wasn't completely sure of where he was headed but he would make it work. After about 5 minutes he found where he was headed and took a deep breath before pressing the buzzer to the captain's office.

"He should be waiting for you," said a voice to the side of the office. Seated at the receptionist's desk was Davna, the Captain's ever-present yeoman. She had made little effort to make her presence known until that point, when she pressed a button on her own console, causing the door in front of the Lieutenant to slide open.

The door opened up to the Captain's sizable office, with the man seated behind his desk pouring over paperwork. He had most decidedly not been waiting for anyone in particular, but looked up when the door opened. "Oh... hello there." The dark-haired Captain paused, gesturing toward the seat across from him. "Sit, please."

William smiled as he walked inside. "Lieutenant Junior Grade William Carmenere the II reporting in" he said formally to get it out of the way. He looked at the captain before taking the seat. He smiled, this was one of the nicer colonies he had seen. While colonies were no new thing, he spent most of his time on starship's after leaving the academy. While seeing a new planet was always nice it had never been his forte maybe it was his job.

One day Luka was going to have a sign on his door that read 'Please Leave Formality Here.' Or maybe he would have Lugh greet everyone at said door with a happy, malamute greeting. Instead of giving it note, Luka rummaged around his desk. "... You're here to report, aren't you?"

"Yes sir," Replied William with a smile. He let his eyes examine his new boss. What better way to get understand a person than by watching and talking with them.

"Right." Luka slid forward in his seat. He vaguely recalled seeing the paperwork for the man in front of him. Then it hit him. "My Chief of Strategic Operations." The one position that the young Captain was sure he did not need, but was convinced into keeping by Admiral Matthews. "Well, your office should be around here in the Command Center somewhere. I'll make sure it's cleared out. I think we were using it prior to this point to keep the equipment for the Intelligence attachment. But now you're here, so we can have that all setup." He gave the console a few clicks. "... What have you gotten into so far? Usually, people manage to see at least one or two items of note.

"This was my first stop, but the colony is beautiful even if it is still early in its lifetime. Things seem to be peaceful and quiet. I am excited to see more of the colony and surrounding land." He smiled softly "I can say it's not what I was expecting this place is like a picture of time held still. I am a little surprised at the size of the Starfleet presence." he added looking at the Captain while he was glad for the assignment he was not completely sure why they need a strategic ops division.

Luka gave a small smile. "There is still a lot of growth for the colony too. But, I shouldn't keep you too terribly long, now should I?" He slid over one of the various PaDDs, one he had prepared for the arrival of new department heads. "You'll find the specs for your modular home in there. Most of the senior staff end up with something like this, though you can always opt to take an apartment in the nearby Starfleet residential building. And your office should be in this building here, so it's easy enough to locate. Your staff is... currently... a little nonexistent, only because we just recently had strat ops added onto our staff. So, you're one of the first few members of it. The rest of your staff should appear within the next week or two. I think. Otherwise, did you have any questions for me, Lieutenant?"

William took the padd and looked at it. "No questions at the moment, Sir," he said with a soft smile.

"Then I'll leave you to it." Luka offered a similar smile in return. As he rose to escort the new department head out, Davna's voice piped in on the intercom. "Sir, there's a... I'm not sure who this is, but you'll want to come out and see for yourself. They are demanding to speak with you specifically."

"Oh." Luka rose, frown at the comm device on his desk. "See them off to one of the conference rooms. I will be there shortly."

"Absolutely." A loud shout could be heard from the other end of the comm, but it was quelled as soon as the sound was cut off.

"I think might be both of our cues," Luka said with a small chuckle. "You should skedaddle before that turns into a chaotic eruption." That was just what Luka needed right now, was to scare off another potential department head because someone wanted to yell at the Captain for a little bit.


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