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From the Stars to Landfall

Posted on Mon Jul 1st, 2024 @ 5:56pm by Lieutenant Scott Jones

469 words; about a 2 minute read

Scott Jones, Personal Log

As a small runabout streaks its way across the stars, the familiar pinpricks of starlight streaking across the window, Scott Jones, once a fighter pilot now turned Strategic Operations Officer, staring out of said window was contemplating his life, the decisions he made leading him up to this point and what lay ahead.

' I used to be able to reach out and touch those stars almost, he began to think ' like an exposed nerve, the freedom to point in a direction and go. It was at that moment the joy was replaced with the flashes of pain—the multiple ambushes, seeing his friends perish in their fighters, colleagues he ordered into specific maneuvers were dashed out of existence, the moment he had to eject from his ship and wincing away from stray weapons fire as he waited, strapped into his seat and awaiting rescue.

In the back corner of the cabin in which he managed to burry himself from view, surrounded by various PaDDs of system intelligence, fleet movements, personnel, and more, he picked up his own PaDD to begin recording,

"As I've yet to begin official duties and have any clearance codes transferred over, I may as well begin a personal log before I begin any official duties. While the challenge ahead is a little daunting, it is something I am up for. Who can ever really say they feel ready to be in command of their own department? The last time I was in charge of a squadron, things weren't exactly ideal. But on lots of thought and recommendations from Mecial, a change was needed. A change I think is for the best. So far I have left behind a good track record at what I do. All I can do now is hope for friendly faces on the other side.

So far we are still a few days from our final destination of Haumea Colony. It will give me ample time to get caught up on what is going on in the area. Press a few Intelligence contacts on the things that haven't been made official yet. Let's start building a network in the area and the ships that are nearby. I've made a list of ships that are more frequent in the area and I plan on messaging all Strategic Ops officers as well as ship captains and other starbase staff to introduce myself. Being the one to coordinate a lot of what happens Starfleet-wise in the area is going to be part Diplomat, part Intelligence Officer, part Tactical Officer, and part Operations Officer. There are going to be many different hats to wear in this role.

I'll sign off for now and check back in within a few days when I have settled in."



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