Haumea Colony

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.

The Sim

The Story Begins...

Haumea Colony was settled above the land that formerly housed Kane Colony. The main civilian center building is what remains of the original colony's establishment, serving as the Town Hall and central area within the colony itself. Because of this, most of the refit technology is being slowly updated to recent times, though the d├ęcor is a fusion between that and its 23rd century roots.

The buildings surrounding the Town Hall are modular in nature, housing medical, scientific, and maintenance facilities. This area is where most of the Federation citizens and Starfleet personnel operate the day-to-day. The facilities are equipped with both civilian and Starfleet technology, a hybridization of what the Engineering Corps had in mind when they initially planned out the use of the modular format.

In partnering with the Federation citizens that run the Colony's day to day, Starfleet hopes to foster a positive atmosphere for a joint-run colony to run smoothly and remind the Quadrants of Starfleet's message of peace and exploration.

At Our Core

Haumea Colony was born from three fundamental roleplay ideals.

First and foremost, the colony is a game that favors the creation of excellent content. This is not just in the posts or the characters, but in the collaborative storytelling between the Game Master and the players. I strive high to make player input key, utilizing my role as Game Master (Or, if you will, Commanding Officer) as a role not only to facilitate plot and movement, but also as a bridging gap of fairness for all.

Secondly, that this is a hobby, and one we should all gather enjoyment out of. While the idea of a Colony was an idea that I created on my own, I did not do so to create an environment that stifles players. I rely on player input to help decide exactly where we are going not only in our missions and in character posting, but also the flow of the posts we decide to create. As much as I want this game to be alive and to tell fantastic stories, it truly is the dedication we all have to creative and collaborative storytelling that keeps this simulation's blood flowing. Simply put, if you are not enjoying it, then neither am I.

The third and final ideal is that Haumea Colony is a safe place for all those who decide to join in on our fun. Roddenbery's Star Trek was founded upon the key message of diversity. Here at Haumea, we not only strive for OOC diversity and equality in cultural and ethnic aspects, but we also strive to be LBGTQ friendly simulation both in and out of character.

It is my hope that upon these ideals, we will be able to create a game that both provides excellent stories but does so in a way that we will all enjoy. If you find you are in line with these ideals, please take a moment to join our discord and get to know us!

- Shi

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