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Lieutenant Scott Jones

Name Scott "Heartbreaker" Jones

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 150lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Teal
Physical Description Scott is exceptionally fresh-faced and always well-groomed to the point many people think he is younger than he is. He is naturally on the thinner yet muscular and more athletic end of the physique spectrum. Scott sometimes grows a beard out to help him look more his age. His hair is shaved short across the sides with a little length on the top he can play with for either work, party, or play. When working on something particularly intricate, Scott is known to wear a set of glasses to reduce the strain on his eyes.


Father Ryan Jones
Mother Sarah Jones

Personality & Traits

General Overview Scott is the fun, cheery, optimistic type. His friends know him as the bubbly, loveable prankster. Scott has always been a warm and approachable person; he is everyone's best friend as people quite often open up to him. Always chasing new and exciting experiences as well as new and interesting boyfriends, his friends of days gone past knew him as the life of the party. This man knows how to play hard, but at the same time, knows how to work hard. He takes his work seriously and knows through experience that moments of play are when he can also hone his skills and add to his experiences.

Scott takes his duty seriously and gives it the respect and importance it deserves. He genuinely tries to have a friendly rapport with all the crew, so they feel comfortable approaching him at any time they need, he strives to be an understanding, nurturing superior officer to new cadets, unlike the way he was treated.
Strengths & Weaknesses On his more positive side, Scott can be described as being optimistic and enthusiastic in everything he does. He is a kind and caring man to those closest to him and very generous in giving of his time to all who need or ask for it. In tense situations he has been known to show a side of him no one expects, being courageous and displaying a calm façade under pressure.

His slight impatience has gotten him into trouble a few times. Scott's eye is known to wander towards men he finds attractive, and this does cloud his judgment at times in his personal life. Due to conflicts in his past, choosing to work a bar on the weekends, Scott knows to this day some people look down on him and often feel frustrated having to explain his unorthodox approach in relieving some stress and tension that didn't always involve synthohol. To this day he still fears some kind of backlash from his academy days, be that from an angry patron, he had to turn down or another high-ranking officer looking down his nose at him.

He lists cupcakes as a severe weakness of his.
Ambitions To find more stability in his personal life.
To command his starship one day, leading up to a larger command of some kind, of which he is yet to decide where to aim these ambitions.
Hobbies & Interests Scott is a keen player of any social drinking game. He loves nothing more than to host a relaxing evening of food, drinks, and games. He is a talented mixologist from working part-time at bars around the academy when he was studying. He is also a talented guitar player and is currently indulging his interest in the gym to bulk up his physique. You will most likely find him in the gym or the lounge, playing his guitar and singing old Earth ‘country’ music.

Personal History Scott was born in the hustle and bustle of New York City. His father is an Ambassador with the Federation, and his mother is a doctor at Starfleet Medical. With exceptionally high-ranked parents, even from as young as he could remember he was moved pillar to post between his parents and a variety of extended family and hired staff to look after him.

From a young age, Scott knew precisely the type of person he was; he loved animals and always went out of his way to help those who were injured; he also liked boys. In a way, this was both a good and bad thing. His family knew exactly what he wanted and how to cater to it, and it led Scott to find his adventures too. Scott always looks back fondly on the few times he got to spend with his father in between assignments, building, and flying model starships, and recalls this as the first moment where fell in love with the stars and the thought of flight.

There were many times his fathers would be called to the principal’s office of his elementary school for something he had said or for a fight he had gotten into for those who picked on him for his differences at a young age. He always struggled to see why people would think and act so differently in different situations. One particular incident was how a childhood friend suddenly turned on him when he joined a sports team of mainly much older boys.

Middle school saw no real change in Scott; only dating was added to the mix. Towards the end of middle school, he came into his own. While he was more geek than jock, he knew he could still attract the attention of others. His first kiss was with a lab partner under the stairs of the science block. It was at this point that his intelligence shone through. His natural aptitude for studying people and getting them quickly onto his way of thinking was a blessing, particularly in group projects which he didn’t enjoy and would rather do himself. This way with people would lead him down other paths though, quickly becoming popular, and being invited to many social events.

High school was much of the same, more trouble and parties, yet stellar grades, and a new boyfriend every other month. He would find out how someone ticked, get bored, and move on. This was until his final year when Scott found a kindred soul in Ryan Ashcroft, a bit of a geek like himself but more musical theatre than technological. They did the whole prom and met the parents thing and for once in a long, Scott felt settled, happy, and content. And, as all high school romances tend to do, it came to an abrupt end when the school did. Scott was more than happy and content to keep seeing Ryan, heading out to New York when he could, as Ryan had been accepted into AMDA. Ryan, on the other hand, wanted to head out and ‘explore more possibilities’. The pair have not spoken since.

The sense of stability he was finally feeling in his life was ripped from under him. He turned to the one thing he knew how to do, read people, and, with his mother in Starfleet Medical he saw a path into seeing the stars and making a difference to those who had always felt the same way he did, slightly lost and looking for connection.

This abrupt change did lead to an initial return to form for Scott at the Academy. Good grades, but now parties, alcohol, and boys. He was beginning to get a bit of a reputation on campus as the party boy who always seemed to pull things together at the last moment and still get top marks. Much to the disagreement of others as a way to begin to curtail his more self-destructive tendencies, he began tending in a local bar tailored to a more LGBT clientele. He saw it as a way to continue having a good time but also in a way that was more productive. There are times this got him in trouble, but it usually involved a member of academy staff accidentally hitting on him and the panic it would be used against them.

During his time at Starfleet Academy, Scott gained a reputation not only for his piloting skills but also for his charm and tendency to capture the hearts of those around him. In a tense standoff with a rival team, Scott's silver tongue and disarming smile diffused the tension, earning him admiration and the nickname "Heartbreaker" from his peers. Far from being offended, Scott embraced the title with pride. It served as a testament to his ability to forge connections effortlessly, whether in matters of the heart or on the battlefield.

After an arduous tour of duty on the USS Thunderchild in which most of his squadron had been wiped out in a surprise attack by a splinter faction of the Tal Shiar, in which his own fighter was damaged to the point he had to eject, Scott elected to change his discipline. For too long, he had put his neck on the line, and as he was staring helplessly into the void of space, hoping for a rescue before a stray phaser ended him, he began to contemplate new career choices should he survive.

Having previously shown an aptitude for seeing the bigger picture in the field of battle, and working closely with sectors and strategic operations, he applied to the Academy again for further study in strategic operations. Returning to the classroom as being slightly older was a daunting task, especially with his previous reputation in his initial academy days.

From here Scott began working in various positions, liaising with starship Captains, starbase commanders, and a cross-section of worlds, organizations, and traders within the Federation. He was particularly pleased with returning to the sector of space where his squadron was wiped out and helped coordinate efforts between Starfleet Intelligence, Starship Captains, and established trade route freighter captains to flush out the Tal Shiar rogue faction and bring them to an end. This felt like his full circle moment and he could move on in his life.
Service Record Academy Days-

Scott's academy days, outside of official academy hours and premises were fairly standard. As with all cadets, he crashed his fair share of simulated shuttles and ships, once even a real one, but is yet to find a pilot he trusts who hasn't. Along with his primary studies in all things ship movement, he took an interest in shuttle and fighter craft and their maintenance. He initially saw is as a way to make him stand out for future placements and one-day ship allocations. Over his four years here, Scott also picked up several credits in Engineering studies as well.

USS Demitir - Junior Flight Control Officer (Cadet Cruise)
Scott was assigned here as his cadet cruise. He was assigned to basic cargo transport on a variety of shuttles as well as tasked with their upkeep and maintenance.

USS Bonadventure - Junior Flight Control Officer
This position continued over from his cadet cruise, although Scott was now taking shifts in the piloting of the ship during night shifts.

Starbase Deep Space 4 - Fighter Pilot
A posting became available he was made aware of through a mutual friend. Starfleet was looking for test pilots for a brand new line of fighter craft. Scott was involved in the testing, improvement, and implementation of a few lines of experimental craft.

USS Thunderchild - Squadron Leader
Scott was posted here as his first official posting as a wing commander as the Thunderchild was posted to keep an eye on an ever-destabilising Romulan border with frequent outbreaks and fighting from splintered rebel factions as well as keeping tabs on a newly establishing Borg colony.

Return to Starfleet Academy
Scott retrained in Strategy and Tactics as well as taking Officer and Command training.

Starbase One - Strategic Operations Officer
Working under sector command as a go-between for different departments within the Federation and civilian contractors. Scott was responsible for debriefing any trader captains who wished to file reports of spatial anomalies, pirates, and known factions that were encroaching on Federation space. he frequently worked with Starfleet Intelligence to verify reports and pass on only need-to-know information to Captains heading out on missions. With his previous work as a pilot, he was often tasked with delivering more detailed reports to any fighter divisions attached to ships that were heading out.

Trill Sector - USS Forerunner
Scott was assigned to this ship on a redacted mission. Records would indicate the ship was on patrol duties. In reality, the ship was assigned to monitor a growing concern within the Cardassian Union that a possible internal revolt was being planned.

Sierra Sector - Starbase 39 - Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer
With his previous work on a mission that saw his squadron being wiped out, Scott was returned to the same area of space to help coordinate efforts in the exposure and swift removal of any means of a splinter Tal Shiar cell.

Haumea Colony - Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Scott is currently en route to his new position, full op hope, topped with nerves of what lies in store.

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