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Personal Log

Posted on Thu Oct 12th, 2023 @ 12:28pm by Lieutenant Kyan Mackenzie

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Personal Log, Lieutenant Kyan Mackenzie

Well computer, it's off tae somewhere called Haumea Colony for me. I dunno what they need with a tactical officer on a colony... but I'll find out. The bloated gas bag what parades around calling himself an Admiral has seen fit tae put me there, even though I was after going tae Deep space Six, which is where Sirol an Xasik went.

"We don't always get to go where we want to go Mister Mackenzie." He told me... as if his own arse wasn't parked in front of a food replicator whenever he wanted a piece of cake! The Fat pillock that he is! But dinnae worry yerself on it computer. He seen fit tae at least send me to a place with other Onlies, the which I haven't seen any of since I left in twenty two seventy. It's sad I'll be an no mistake if they're no fun. And I'll prolly quit Starfleet and go back tae working on a freighter.. or the Nyberrite Alliance. So cross yer circuits that we get along computer.

Also, there's Marines there too, which I've not ever seen before. I always heard that Marines are dumb. So we'll have tae see.

And also, I'm hoping and praying to the Ferengi Ex-Checker that they've got a good toy store there. I'm really after finding that Chekov fer my 1701 set.

Well that's it computer. I'll let ye know how it turns out.

End Log



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