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Lieutenant Kyan Mackenzie

Name Kyan Mackenzie

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Onlie
Age 437
Sexuality None

Physical Appearance

Height 4'4"
Weight 65 lbs
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description For a boy his biological age, Kyan is a bit undersized. At 52” tall and roughly 65 lbs. This likely owes to centuries spent scrounging for food but genetics could also have held a proverbial thumb on the ancient boy’s head. He has a mop of unruly red hair and green eyes that leave no doubt as to place of origin on Earth II… or Miri’s Planet as the Feddie Grups called it. Kyan is built like a typical Human boy of ten, and his demeanor gives him a perpetually restless appearance.


Spouse none
Children none
Father (adopted) Sam Mackenzie (2205-2310), Biological father unknown
Mother (adopted) June Mackenzie (2210-2317), Biological mother unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyan is a study in contrast. He is to the uninitiated, a child. But to those who know him, he is a fierce combat officer who would be better suited working amongst Klingons. While he is usually jovial and carefree, he is also possessed of a volatile temper than has seen many an adversary keeping the medical staff busy with new and inventive injuries to treat. Over the years though, Kyan has gone from perennial headache, to serviceable officer, to valuable asset. Like everyone else, he has his flaws, but can generally be counted on to accomplish whatever mission he is assigned.

He has a sharp tongue, a short temper, and he revels in combat. That isn’t to say that he’s amoral. He shares the same basic values as his colleagues. However, his experiences, both on Miri's Planet and after having created a deep distrust of “grups” as he calls adults, especially Humans which can color his opinions even now after several decades in Starfleet. Having lived outside the gilded gates of paradise for most of his life, his worldview is colored by the struggles that most Federation citizens will never know.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kyan's biggest strength, and perhaps his biggest weakness is that he is essentially fearless. The Life Prolongation Virus granted him virtual immortality and in the years since be left the doomed planet of his birth, he has discovered religion... in a roundabout way. Kyan's take on religion is actually a hodgepodge of various belief structures. (More on that below). As it does for most believers, Kyan's spiritual beliefs have turned death into just another doorway, and not something to be feared. Even the spectre of injury and illness have been all but negated by the medical technology of the 24th century. The factors have combined to create an ageless boy who is quick to take risks that most people would avoid.

Having lived almost all his life without the benefit of adults to provide for him Kyan learned to be self sufficient and like most Onlies, to use his environment to his advantage. This skills translates well in his chosen field.

Kyans weaknesses include an ingrained distrust in most adults (especially Humans) which has been tempered with time and experience, but can still be an issue for him. Another hurdle for the Onlie is that he is still, physically and to some extent mentally, a child. He requires more rest than an adult and his decision making can be short sighted at times.
Ambitions Kyan has never been what one might call "career oriented". He doesn't aspire to the admiralty, or have any "normal" aspirations as it pertains to his Starfleet career. Kyan is an adventurer at heart. He loves competition and the thrill of a good fight. His driving ambition is to have adventures that people will tell stories about. He'd also like to someday make it into a Klingon Opera.
Hobbies & Interests Kyan is a lover of music, specifically Celtic music from Earth, and Klingon Opera. He plays the bagpipes, trumpet, and drums. This might seem an odd combination, but coming from a coven that held the old Celtic ways in high esteem, it makes sense. The trumpet was a whim. But when you're ageless, whims can take a great deal of time to play themselves out.

He is also a history buff with an emphasis on military history. When not on duty or hanging out in the crew lounge regaling those assembled with his (mostly exaggerated) stories, he can be found in the Holodeck battling aliens bent on galactic conquest, sailing the high seas with the Brithish fleet in pursuit, or destroying Jim Kirk's Enterprise for the umpteenth time. His life on Miri's Planet centered on the struggle for survival, which honed his strategic thinking. He is an avid collector of weaponry from across the quadrant.

Personal History Miri's Planet (Earth II)

Kyan was born about ten years before his planet was ravaged by a manufactured virus that killed the adult denizens of that ill-fated world and cast its children into something straight out of a horror movie. Nigh immortal, these children were forced to survive on their own. Their lives after the virus consisted of scraping together enough food to live, telling stories, playing foolies (games), and avoiding those unfortunate enough to enter puberty and succumb to the effects of the virus.

Kyan was born in what was Scotland, and lived in the town of Vidlin in the Shetland Islands. Other than that fact, the boy remembers virtually nothing of his life before the virus, or that of his world; both long forgotten in the more than four hundred years since the LPV virus swept across Earth II. What he does remember are the other Onlies, foolies, the stories, and of course, escaping from the grups (adults) with the blue spots. He also remembers the freedom that he and his friends had.

After the virus the favored pastime of Kyan and the other Onlies on the Shetland Isles was sailing their boat down to mainland to search for treasures. And given that the banks no longer had grups to defend them, the treasures were easy to take. Of course, they would also use the boat to catch fish, although they barely caught enough to feed themselves.

Kyan clearly remembers the day that the grups in the colored shirts came. In some ways, to hear him tell it, the Federation grups were worse even than the homegrown variety that had wreaked havoc on his planet. Unlike the ones with the blue spots, the new grups had an agenda. These grups brought school, rules, bed times, and other evil inventions that hadn't been seen since before the dying times. When they came they brought an end to his way of life and conquered his world without firing a shot.

Things changed for Kyan and his friends after Kirk and the Enterprise came. After that there were teachers. There were doctors who poked at you. There were other grups who asked questions; LOTS of questions. They wanted to know about everything. Kyan did find some of the new grups interesting though. One woman in particular was able to connect with him. She claimed that she was a witch. Having heard about witches from some of the stories, Kyan was disappointed to learn that she didn't have a hat, or a broom to ride on, but remained interested in her nonetheless, and she him. She interested him so much in fact, that Kyan allowed her to "adopt" him and move away from what the Federation had dubbed “Miri's Planet”. He left in 2271 and he hasn’t been back since.

A Real Childhood

June and her husband, a Starfleet officer named Commander Sam Mackenzie introduced Kyan to schooling, and to what they said was a "normal" life, which was centered around their religion, Georgian Wicca. The two of them had helped to found a new settlement called Prairieview on Cestus III.

Kyan attended school with the children in the community and was allowed to actually have a childhood. Rules and other limitations weren’t met with enthusiasm, but he learned to adapt. As he no longer had to spend his days worried about surviving, Kyan was free to pursue his own course. With help from June and the other “grups” in their community, he learned about the Federation, Starfleet, and myriad other topics that interested him. Kyan was especially interested in space ships and space battles.

Before Kirk, back on Miri's Planet Kyan had played at sea battles with his mates, but now there were entirely new possibilities of real battles among the stars. Since Sam was a tactical officer, He often took Kyan aboard his ship when it made port. The Saladin was a destroyer, and being on board Kyan learned quite a lot about how things worked, and about Starfleet tactics and strategy.

During the ten years that Mackenzie was the Saladin's tactical officer, Kyan went to school and got an education. Because of his childish nature and impatience for anything that didn't have to do with battles and war, his teachers in the coven school were forced to be creative in how they presented the material to him. Math was done by calculating torpedo yields necessary to achieve the desired damage to an enemy. History centered around conflicts, with the “boring” peace time events offered as prelude or epilogue.

In 2282, Kyan graduated from the Singing Moon School. According to the law, he was now able to make his own decisions. He applied almost immediately to Starfleet Academy, but was rejected. He was also denied entry into the Merchant Marines.

Two years passed and the ageless boy watched all of his school mates leave for their own adventures. Some joined Starfleet, others went off planet to colleges, and some simply melted into the crowd. Kyan occupied himself by helping around the farm, and even found time to make new friends with kids his "age". But he wanted to be in space, having adventures.

He was ecstatic when Sam retired from Starfleet and bought a rickety old Freighter. The Daghda's Hammer wasn't a Saladin Class Starship, and she didn't have any torpedoes, but she did have a functioning warp drive and a couple of old phaser turrets that Sam had managed to get from a surplus depot. Kyan loved her immediately. He also loved the fact that the crew was made up of people from several different worlds. There was a huge Cappellan, an Andorian, and a Denobulan among the small crew. Kyan assisted Koor, the Cappellan weapons officer. He learned how to operate the systems, and even maintain them. Koor was a boorish, crusty old grup, but he was also a good teacher. He showed Kyan several tricks to make up for the freighter's lack of real weapons.

Kyan's first real taste of space combat came in 2289, when the Daghda's Hammer was attacked by two Orion pirates. Koor was injured during the battle and Kyan had to take over for him. The ship was hauling kemocite at the time, which had not yet been made illegal. Kyan suggested to Dennis Barstow, the ship's engineer, that he put the kemocite into shipping containers and depressurized the cargo hold, releasing the containers into the path of the Orions who were chasing them. Kyan then shot the shipping containers with the ship's phasers when the Orions got within range. The plan worked. One Orion was destroyed and the other limped away.

Same and Kyan hauled cargo from Cestus II to the nearly systems and back until Sam's declining health prevented him from doing so. After Sam passed away in 2314, June decided to sell the freighter to Koor, who left the system to pursue better opportunities. Kyan was asked to come along, but decided to remain on the planet with June. She joined Sam in 2317

Once again, Kyan was alone. But this time not only were the grups gone, but there weren't any Onlies either. Having finished his education, and not being a "real" child, the authorities decided that the ageless boy could chart his own course. So, he did. Deciding to honor his adopted family, Kyan applied for Starfleet in 2318. Despite his obvious talent and unbridled enthusiasm for all things tactical, Starfleet again turned him down.

Life as a Pirate!

It was then, in Kyan's oft repeated estimation, their fault when he turned to a life of interstellar piracy and conquest! His honorable aspirations being nixed by the Fleet brass, Kyan decided to sign onto a Ferengi owned courier that ran less than legal cargo. The ship, owned by an old Ferengi named Dahg was a perfect fit for the boy. Finding himself suddenly released from the shackles of Federation rules and regulations, and without June and Sam to check his boyish impulses, Kyan embraced his newfound freedom.

Life on the freighter was refreshing to him. It wasn’t clean and orderly like in the Federation. There was struggle and danger. In a way, it reminded him of his life on Miri's Planet. Kyan mourned the loss of the grups who had taken him in, but he also loved going everywhere and meeting so many new people. Even though they too were adults, the Latinum Beetle's crew was more like him. Dahg, being a typical Ferengi, was obsessed with profits and Latinum of course, but many in his crew were people from other worlds who had no home there. Those misfits and outcasts became Kyan’s family. A Ferengi, an old Klingon and his sons, and several other characters made life aboard the freighter fun. Kyan even taught the Klingons some sea shanties.

The old Klingon and his two sons were Kyan’s best friends for several years. Korgon, the father, became somewhat of a mentor and treated him like another son. Even though Korgon’s own sons had already reached adulthood, they treated Kyan like a brother. As Korgon’s family was low born, he and his sons had little experience aboard a ship. They were warriors though. Kyan taught them about space combat and tactical systems, and they trained the ageless youth in the arts of personal combat, and of Klingon stories and lore. Being of Celtic origins himself, the art of storytelling has always been important for him.

Generally, Dahg shied away from runs where the Latinum Beetle might run afoul of Starfleet but this wasn’t always the case. On several occasions, the crew was forced to fight border patrol ships. But they always managed to escape, thanks in no small part to Kyan’s knowledge of Starfleet tactics and ships. It was of course….somewhat of an exaggeration, but everyone that Kyan met learned that he and the rest of the crew had bounties on them from several Federation member worlds. In his own estimation, the boy was a real pirate, like in the stories! He relished his role as the Latinum Beetle's gunner and often attempted to convince Dahg, with the help of the Klingons, to take more direct routes on illegal runs so that they might get to meet up with Starfleet. Most of the time the Ferengi refused. He wasn’t in it for the glory. He was a proper Ferengi looking to buy his way into the Divine Treasury. Kyan even learned the Rules of Acquisition, and often countered Dahg’s reticence with number sixty two: “The riskier the road, the greater the profit.”. The Ferengi appreciated the effort, but usually didn’t budge.

Time and the boy's unbridled love for the pirate life saw him rise to the position of third in command and the Latinum Beetle to the most wanted list (On Cappella). Kyan and the Klingons threw a party. Dagh counted his money and lamented the fact that it would be harder for them to escape the watchful eye of Starfleet. The old Ferengi eventually decided that he had enough money to settle down into a safer business venture with his cousin and sold the old freighter to an Orion trader in 2338. Korgon and his sons went back to Qo’Nos, and the rest of the crew went their own ways. The Orion brought his own crew, but Kyan stayed on as the gunner. For the next several years, new adventures waited around every asteroid, and Kyan was happy to have them.

In 2345, the ship had taken on slaves to transport to market on Verex III. Kyan was ok with breaking the law in a variety of ways. However slavery was not one of them. It was a hard decision to make, knowing that it would end his pirating career, and maybe even get him killed, but he turned them in to Starfleet. They were intercepted by the USS Lincoln, which Kyan appreciated for the irony. The other members of the crew didn’t think it was very funny though. The Orion was hauled off to a penal colony and the rest of the crew was scattered. The Federation decided against sending Kyan to prison, opting instead to try something radical.

They enrolled him into Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Service Record, or “Pirates in Pajamas”

Starfleet Part 1: Square Pegs & Round Holes

In the summer of 2346, after several previous attempts and a career spent on both sides of the law, Kyan finally arrived at Starfleet Academy. He was not the first of his kind to attend Starfleet's vaunted training institution but if some of his instructors had their way, he'd have been the last. To say that there were some issues during the diminutive officer's time in San Francisco would be an understatement worthy of the record books.

His first few semesters at SFA were filled with reprimands for a wide range of offenses including fighting, destruction of Starfleet property (namely the combat simulator) and myriad other offenses. At one point there was a betting pool as to when the boy would be shown the door. Kyan's struggles weren't universal though, which is likely the reason he was allowed to stay. He was, and is, a prodigal tactician. His unorthodox methods and refusal to allow the circumstances (or rules) to dictate the way he approaches an engagement stymied many of Starfleet's brightest up and coming officers in simulated combat, and many an actual foe since.

His performance in combat notwithstanding, Kyan was not the model officer upon leaving the Academy nor for a long while afterwards. The early years of his career were littered with disciplinary infractions, more reprimands, and transfers. Several commanding officers elected to simply offload the troublesome Onlie to someone else rather than address his issues.

For his first twenty years in Starfleet, Kyan spent time on starships, planetary installations, Supply ships, and even a stint back at the Academy. He served on eleven different ships or installations during that time. He stayed an Ensign for his first sixteen years in Starfleet. Three months after finally being promoted to Lieutenant J.G., he was demoted again. He managed to make Lieutenant J.G. again in 2371.

It wasn't until 2371 that Kyan was paired with a commanding officer who could, or was interested in, making any sort of headway with the boy. That year Kyan found himself serving as the relief tactical officer on the U.S.S. Righteous. She was an old Miranda Class ship with a Captain who liked a challenge as much as Kyan liked to offer them.

Starfleet Part 2: The Dominion War

Captain Lucius Peer was a joined Trill with many lifetimes of experience to draw from. From 2368 until the Dominion War he made it his personal mission to turn Kyan into a good officer. The first thing he did was promote the boy. Kyan was now a Lieutenant and was given responsibility for the first time. The results were a mixed bag. His leadership style was as one might expect. His subordinates either laughed at him or blew him off all together. There was less laughing after the first few broken noses though. But Peer was patient, and allowed Kyan to learn from his missteps. After each fight, Peer would visit Kyan in the brig and counsel him. When the boy needed to vent, Peer listened. Eventually the fights became the exception rather than the rule. Some of his crewmates took notice. It was slow going, but after a time, Kyan actually started spending off time with them instead of with Peers, or in the holodeck.

Then the Dominion War started. Kyan was thrilled. Finally a proper conflict with an enemy bent on conquest and destruction! Of course the Righteous was outgunned most of the time, but she managed to avoid showing up on the casualty lists, thanks in no small part to her tactical officer. Eventually the ship was forced to be scuttled. Starfleet simply didn’t see the benefit in keeping her in the fight, given her age and the damage she’d accrued over numerous engagements.

The Righteous’ crew was reassigned to a newer Steamrunner class vessel and put back onto the fight, where Kyan and the rest of the crew continued to distinguish themselves throughout the rest of the war.

Starfleet Part 3: When peace broke out.

A year after the Dominion war ended, Captain Peers retired from Starfleet. Kyan remained on the Avernal with several of his crewmates from the war. Aside from the occasional dustup with Orion pirates or other nefarious types, life on the ship was fairly mundane for the remainder of Kyan’s time there.

In 2381 he was reassigned to the California Class USS Oakland. He served on that ship for five years. During the last year of his time there Kyan was demoted for destroying a shuttlecraft in an unauthorized attempt to capture a Pakled who had been stealing parts from the Surplus Depot near the Tellar Fleet Yards. He was transferred to the USS Gibson, a Nova Glass Science vessel following his demotion.

He served on several starships and a starbase over the next five years until resigning his commission in 2391.

A break from the Grups or…. The Pirates life Part 2

For the next few years Kyan roamed the stars in his own ship, an old Klingon Bird of Prey that he bought from a Ferengi trader. It didn’t have a cloaking device, and the warp drive was constantly on the fritz, but it was HIS ship. He hired an eclectic crew consisting of a dour Klingon named Kaloth, a female Ferengi named Kas, a Tellarite, and a Hermat.

That series of adventures and misadventures ended after three years…and the ship being stolen. Kyan didn’t remain out of a job for long though. Once again, Starfleet came calling…

Starfleet Part 4: Starfleet Intelligence

In 2394, shortly after being relieved of his ship, Kyan was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence. He worked mainly in the Gamma Quadrant during the three years he spent in SFI, and most of that was spent undercover in various places.
Service Record 2346-2350: Starfleet Academy (Security and Tactical Operations)

2351: USS Tecumseh NCC-23410, Ensign, Gamma Shift Tactical Officer. 3 formal reprimands, transferred.

2352: USS Franklin NCC-10209, Ensign, Armory Officer/Relief Tactical Officer, 4 formal reprimands, transferred.

2353: USS Kingston NCC-67430, Ensign, Armory Officer,1 formal reprimand, transferred.

2353: Starbase 201, Ensign, Temporary Duty, Medical and Physical Evaluation. Formal Reprimand for conduct unbecoming, Starfleet Citation for Gallantry (Tzenkethi raid on Starbase 201.)

2354-2355: USS Roosevelt NCC-32966, Ensign, Security Officer

2359-2361: Remedial Courses at Starfleet Academy, Cadet

2362-2363: USS Wyoming NCC-61218, Ensign, Security Officer/Relief Tactical Officer

2364-2365: USS Odyssey NCC-71832, Ensign, Relief Tactical Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant JG (2365)

2366-2367: USS Zhukov NCC-26136, Lieutenant JG, Tactical Officer

2368: USS Nova 73515, Lieutenant JG, Tactical Officer, Formal Reprimand for fighting, Reduced in rank to Ensign, transferred

2368-2370: Federation Embassy, Ferenginar, Ensign, Security Officer

2371-2374: USS Righteous NCC 21340 Ensign, Relief Tactical Officer, 4 Formal Reprimands for conduct unbecoming (Fighting) 30 days confinement. (2371) Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (2372), Assigned as Asst. Chief of Security. 3 Formal Reprimands for fighting. 30 Days confinement (2372) Assigned as Chief of Security/Tactical, 1 Formal Reprimand for conduct unbecoming (Fighting) 30 days confinement. (2373) Awarded Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry [citation 3] during a series of engagements with the Dominion, Promoted to Lieutenant (2374)

2375-2380: USS Avernal NCC-72100, Lieutenant, Chief of Security/Tactical. Awarded Grankite Order of Tactics for excellence in combat operations against the Dominion at the Battle of Ricktor Prime (2375)

2381-2384: USS Oakland NCC-75012, Lieutenant, Chief of Security/Tactical. Captain's Mast for disoberying orders, Destruction of Starfleet property. Reduced to Ensign, transferred (2384)

2385: USS Gibson NCC-73188, Ensign, Security Officer

2386: USS Churchill NCC74456, Ensign, Tactical Officer

2387: Deep Space 6, Ensign, Security Officer

2388: USS Discovery NCC 78293-A, Ensign, Security Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant JG, assigned as Chief of Security/Tactical.

2389-2390: Starfleet Academy, Advanced Starship Tactics Training (2389), Guest Instructor (2390)

2391: Starbase Columbus, Lieutenant JG, Chief of Security. Formal Reprimand for assaulting an officer. Awarded Starfleet Citation for Bravery [citation 5] in combat against unknown alien aggressors. Resigned Commission

2391-2394 – Civilian Status

2394-2397: Starfleet Intelligence, Lieutenant, Intelligence Operative. Commission reactivated in August 2394.

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