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Monthly Update - Late September 2020

Posted on Fri Sep 25th, 2020 @ 11:56am by Captain Luka Mahone

Good eves to October, everyone!

With the end of our year upon us, I want to take a moment pause to inform everyone that this simulation has been running for the better portion of two years now, and I could not be more pleased with that information. Yeah, there have been plenty of snags, but we're still here! Go team us, and here's to another whole year of Haumea!

This all being said, September and October are going to be super busy for us here as we move onward. I am going to need everyone's help to bounce us from Equivalent Exchange and into our new mission, Frizzle, which sees the colony's denizens facing a new kind of temporal threat, if you catch my meaning.

I'm updating the images and mission planners as we speak, and while I'm excited to bring it all to you, I want to make sure it's as it needs to be. You'll have to settle for the image on the front page for now. There's going to be a lot of work being put into Frizzle on the back end for this to work, and I want this mission to begin somewhere mid to late October because it's a spooky spooky mission!

That does mean that Equivalent Exchange needs to be wrapped up. There are a thousand and nine plot points we didn't get to that I'd like to continue, so don't think I'm leaving anything by the wayside. In the coming few weeks, I'll have a few solo posts out detailing what's going to occur to get the main plot point (The Titania) out of orbit and all that that entails. Plot points involving Romulan refugees will still be brought up during the mission, but it may be beneficial to continue it into the next one so we can keep hard at work at it.

I'll be asking in the discord for everyone's help to wrap up plot points and clear out as many posts as possible between now and mid to late October so that we can get to a point where it feels like we're not just tying up loose ends. It might be a delayed reaction, but I think we're beyond ready to move onward.

Thank you much and here's to next month!


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Category: Sim Announcement

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