Haumea Colony

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.


Community Guidelines

1. Agreement of Rules : In joining this simulation, you will be held accountable for the rules as they are listed upon this page, as well as the Obsidian Fleet rules, which are listed here. You agree to these terms when you join the site with a character.
2. GDPR/COPPA : In accordance with Obsidian Fleet, we uphold the values of GDPR and COPPA. Privacy policies on the matter will be linked in the footer.
3. Final Say : In regards to disputes that members cannot reach an agreement to, the Command Staff has final say in all rulings.
4. Respect : Please treat every member with respect, regardless of walk of life or the like. This extends to the discord as well.
5. Rating : Haumea is suitable for those ~ 15 years of age or older. This puts us at a 2-2-2 for the RPG Rating system.
6. OOC/IC Split : This should go without saying, but IC does not equal OOC and vice versa. What a character does does not reflect OOC actions and should not be seen as such.
7. LOA and Absence : Please let the staff know when you intend on being away for a period of time longer than a week. If we do not hear from you in two weeks, your characters will be NPCed through the important posts they're in to keep our plots moving. Your character will be removed if we have heard no word from you in a full month, in a tasteful fashion with room for you to return if you so choose.
8. Discord and Communication : Haumea Colony heavily utilizes discord for day to day communication, organizing plots, and just to add a sense of community. It is a requirement to join the community discord, a link to which is above. If you have issues getting into our discord, please contact the site admin (Shi) and we can get you sorted out.

Roleplay Rules

1. Posting Requirements : Each post on this simulation must be at least 500 words and there is a soft minimum count on the simulation of 1000 words per month, which may occur jointly or solo. This will be assessed during major activity checks and at random, and you will not be penalized for not doing so if reasoning is clear. We are a life first simulation.
2. God-Moding and Metagaming : The acts of godmodding and metagaming (utilizing OOC knowledge ICly) are expressly forbidden. Anyone caught in the act will be taken aside.
3. Agreement of Content : At the end of it all, members agree to the content of posts once both members verify and post the completed product. It is assumed agreed upon unless someone says otherwise.
4. Lore Friendly Content : Please keep in mind this simulation takes place in the year 2397, and keep your references era-appropriate!
5. Missions and Timeline : 'Missions' are what the overall theme of a section of time is called on Haumea. They are the current events that occur while everything else is going on around them, and members are expected in some manner or another to participate in them. There will be plenty of opportunity given to players in order to do so.
6. Collaboration : Haumea Colony is a collaborative writing group. This means everyone gets a say! There is more to this in our mission statement, but for purposes here, if you intend to create an item, an event, or bit of anything that could affect more than a small group of characters (say, for example, an explosion that decimates a colony block or... a canyon), then you need to get in touch with Command Staff. We're usually pretty willing to sort things out if you do, but if you do not, there is no way of telling if we had anything planned!

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