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Monthly Update - August/September 2020

Posted on Tue Sep 8th, 2020 @ 12:07pm by Captain Luka Mahone

Hello hello! Apologies for the late as heck update, but here we go!

- First off, our monthly report is in as usual and we're doing fine (we'd know if we weren't!) Link is below for those who haven't already taken a look.


- Once more, welcome to our newest members who joined in August. We're happy to have you, and you're more than welcome to start up as many posts as you'd like with whomever you'd like. Don't be shy!

- For something a little less positive, I'm coming around to some of you for activity checks. I've spoken with and addressed activity issues as they come intermittently, but now I'm going to put my foot down. This is the only heads up I'm going to give people on it.

Now, onto what I'm most excited about: THE NEXT MISSION!

I know we're in throws with this mission right now, but I put up Equivalent Exchange as our 'Covid Pause' Mission that could hopefully give us all something to work on. We've gone through quite a few members through the past couple of months, as well as a couple of storylines, but I'm working behind the scenes now to set up mission number four, with the intention of getting it started either mid to late October. There's going to be a little more action and excitement for this one, so be ready! It is titled Frizzle, titled as such in honor of the late Joanna Cole, author of the Magic School Bus series, but it does have relation to the mission!

And that's the only hint I'm giving... for now! Muahahahahaha!

As always, keep trucking and if you're having issues finding posts or inspiration, or just want someone to talk to, the discord and myself are always open.

May September bring happiness to all,



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