Haumea Colony

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Timeline of Events

Created by Captain Luka Mahone on Thu Aug 1st, 2019 @ 9:24am


    Late May: The plans are set in place for Haumea Colony to settle upon the Beta Quadrant planet of Xaeprea by a small group of Federation citizens.


    Early January: The first survey mission of Haumea Colony touches down on Xaeprea.
    Early June: Starfleet learns of Haumea's pending construction. They offer assistance to expedite the building of the colony.


    Late April: The first group of settlers touch down on Haumea Colony to establish the future growth of the colony itself.
    Late October: The USS Io is assigned as Starfleet's representative to assist in Haumea's growth.


    Mid September: The Tragedy of the USS Io takes place (Pre-Mission Groundwork)
    Mid to Late October: Starfleet establishes a presence on Haumea Colony. The Colony experiences an extreme cold. The Daucin is named as the first known native creature on the Colony. (Mission #1 Deep Freeze)


    January: Haumea Colony hosts the USS Vesta for a week-long shore leave. (Mission #1.5 Snowbirds)
    Mid-March: A shuttle is unearthed by the science teams. The team's discovery catches the attention of Starfleet Intelligence. (Mission #2 Canary events.)
    April: The colony's Starfleet presence is under investigation. The Bray Family Science Foundation arrives. The colony receives a much-needed upgrade. (Mission #3 Equivalent Exchange events.)
    May: A group of students are lost on a field trip to a series of uncovered caverns in the colony. (Mission #4 Frizzle)

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