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An Exciting New Technology

Posted on Sat Jan 29th, 2022 @ 12:54pm by Jason Bray & Rocoa Lotor

Mission: Roll With It
Location: Bray Foundation, Floor 2, Demonstration Area
Timeline: MD - 01 : 2240 Hours
1510 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

"Thanks for agreeing to meet so late. If I hadn't gotten a hold of a sample of that root that everyone's got a hubbub over not ingesting, I would have seen your message earlier."

Meetings were not always Jason's strong point, as evidenced by the numerous complaints left to receptionists by more formal business representatives. He was always late, and most always came with chaos and informality. Such as tonight, where he had a hazmat suit on, the helmet having been deposited in some such hallway, with a tool belt full of gadgets and gizmos he was earlier using to take a number of various readings from their sample.

Warnings about such an odd root buried the message he received from Rocoa Lotor about a tech demonstration, but once Jason caught sight of it, as well as what was being demonstrated, he dropped everything and gave the eager entrepreneur an immediate request. Such is why he had the demonstration rooms cleared out and rearranged to make room for whatever was about to be on display.

"I'm more than eager to see what you've got, Mr. Lotor," he said with a big grin, "I'm no good with descriptions on paper. I have to see it in action."

Rocky smiled, the smile of someone about to make a pitch to a perfect mark ...er, customer. "Yes, of course. A wise decision honestly as our latest advances in holosimulation have to be seen to be truly appreciated," he enthused, but inclined his head in a deferential manner. "And no need to apologize, I realize how many demands you must have on your time, so I have a tabletop demonstrator, though if you want the full experience, I have a demo ready to go in the holosuite."

"Oh, that's the beauty of owning this company; busy as I am, I can put off whatever project I want." To Jason, everything was a project, including the always-dull paperwork. It made everything so much easier to put down when he wanted to. "And while I appreciate that you've taken the time into such a demonstration, it would be a shame to not take a look at what you've prepared." He added a big grin, "Let's see what you've got in our holosuite, shall we?"

"Excellent," Rocky replied with a grin, leading the way. "Now, while the demo has been set up in the holosuite, you should know that the full system is designed to be mobile and self-deploying - a completely contained realistic environment with its own internally consistent logic based on program parameters. You can accurately simulate any environment from the edge of a star's corona to, well, an ecosphere on Haumea," he enthused, glancing over at Bray with a knowing gleam in his eye - it always paid to do your research on a client's interests, no matter how many drinks you had to buy to gather that intel. "You see, this grew out of the kind of holohabitats developed for zoos but takes that to the next level, providing a forceshield enclosed holographic setting that the subject would find indistinguishable from a natural habitat - we even engaged a team of Kainan engineers to ensure that the olfactory aspects were realistic! If I may be allowed a small brag, our partners in Starfleet zoology have great initial success using it to encourage breeding programs for endangered Romulan species that do not respond well to captivity," he added proudly before tipping his head downward in a sort of demurral, "Of course, your primary interest is probably in using it for scientific research and development, but I mention the habitat programs to illustrate how any environment of interest can be holoreplicated with a high degree of accuracy."

"Don't be coy, I make sure my interests are well-known," Jason pointed out dismissively as they approached the door to the holosuite. "I can't have people telling me about faster methods of quantum space travel while I'm studying a planet's ecosystem and how almost a decade of touch and go Federation poking has affected the life here. Although, simulating a star's corona could have other completely unrelated applications..."

He waved a hand, adding a grin as the door swished open for the pair. "But please, continue on. If it does exactly what you say it does, then we both may end up with positive outcomes by the end of this meeting."

"I think you'll be pleased. And yes, I admit to learning your interests - it hurts to know everything you can, right?" Rocky grinned back, taking being called out on it with the good grace the man was showing in recognizing the pitch. "So, you won't be at all surprised then that my demo is an archaeological site - one in which you can go from the present day dig to a reconstruction the past which is tied to the data examined at the dig site..."

"I'd be offended if you hadn't done your research." Jason winked as they entered the room, which displayed a perfect replica of one of the various dig sites he and his team were working on currently. It was a site he opened to the public, so that those who had a fear of whatever they were uncovering could take a look and see that there truly was nothing to fear of some old artifacts of a history long lost to cover ups and rumors mills. The holographically generated sky even reflected the one that they could look at if they left the room and peered out the window, save for the full moon that illuminated the pristine recreation of the fossilized remains they had uncovered.

The scientist in him burst with excitement; Jason found himself hopping down into the dig site and examining just how flawless this recreation was. "You can smell the Haumea soil here. And these bones... They look just like the real thing." He grinned. "I have to say, Mr. Lotor, you and your company does have a knack for flair that I appreciate."

"We at Galactic Dynamics pride ourselves on our ability to not just meet our customers' needs, but help them toward their aspiration," Rocky replied with a sweep of his hand and head inclined in a partial bow. "Even better though, let me show you this." With the tap of a wrist control, the bones rose from the ground and arranged themselves, girdline outlines of others filling in the gaps before muscle and then skin and fur enshrouded them. Before long a type of daucin stood on a rocky outcrop blinking up at them. "It can also be used to reconstruct tools to test theories about use or whole settlements to explore socioarchaeological theories." He ducked his head slightly. "Though the latter is still a bit of a work in progress. Given all the parameters, a certain amount of guesswork has to come into play. BUT there's an extensive historical and mythological archive to draw from to help fill those in," he explained, his own passion historical re-enactment adding fuel to his sales pitch. "In fact, those can be engaged for immersive research into those topics all on their own."

The sight of the small creature perked Jason's already jovial mood. "That's all archaeology is, isn't it? Guesswork based on the evidence in front of us. We went ages thinking dinosaurs were the ancestors of lizards because they were all cold blooded. But this? This would make it all very tangible, and in what I'm assuming is safe parameters." He paused, the CEO in him reminding him that this was a business, after all. "There are safety parameters in place, correct?"

"Of course," the racoon-like contractor replied firmly. "The full standard suite, plus some extra safeguards designed especially for this enhanced system. For instance, there's a failsafe to prevent overload from switching too rapidly or frequently between, say, dig site and past recreation. There are even mental health protocols, like a check that the multiple possible input variables for testing a hypothesis don't severely violate rational expectations. Further, the mobile unit has force screens to ensure the user's physical safety by preventing anyone or anything from outside accidentally crossing through the holographic space."

"Perfect!" Jason rubbed his hands together. He plopped himself down near where the Daucin had appeared, the holographic creature now bouncing down from the rocks and further into hiding. "I see endless applications for this. But, for... you know, demonstration purposes... how about we see if this apparatus can predict project back... oh, say... a hundred or so years?"

"Oh, easily," Rocky said confidently, lifting his wrist control. "Or a thousand, here or on any number of other worlds." The original demo from the tech guys had been shown was planet Ren Faire's distant past and it had been impressive. And fun. Rocky was planning on running it again sometime on his own - purely as exercise to research the limits of the programming and provide technical feedback, of course. "But, Haumea, one hundred years ago it is..."


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