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April Monthly Update

Posted on Sun Apr 4th, 2021 @ 9:48am by Captain Luka Mahone

Hello! This one should be relatively short!

We did so great last month with our numbers! There were a lot of words and we reached over 20 posts! That's a LOT for six people! Like, a lot a lot! I'm super proud, and I'm especially proud of our mission briefing post, which should be thrown up for Post spotlight... once I remember to do that!

Let's keep trucking!

Before I let it go too much longer, we're losing long time member Becca for a variety of reasons. It's sad to see her go, but if she ever wants to return, I don't intend to let Haumea go too far. It's not like I can change Xaeprea's orbit or anything. Kekeke!

But we have our scientist! I'm chaining this one to the desk too, Paul can't go anywhere! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I've begun initial planning stages of Mission #5, titled 'Roll With It'. It'll take me a major amount of time to figure out, and if we decide we need time between Mission 4 and 5, I'll throw us a good developmental in-between period. There'll be stuff, but we've done so well with this one so far that I want to keep the momentum one way or another.

Thank you, and happy children finding!



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