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Lieutenant JG Robert Zažeckis

Name Robert Leo Zažeckis

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 50
Sexuality Pansexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Brown, Gray
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description An imposing man by anything close to a human standard. Zaz is broadly built and packed with muscle. The hair on his head was brown when he was younger, now mixed with gray and kept cropped short. When he wears a beard it comes in fully steel gray now.


Spouse 1 ex-husband and 1 ex-wife
Father Leo Zažeckis
Mother Mary Zažeckis

Personality & Traits

General Overview Opinions on his personality would vary a great deal based on who you asked. Most of his COs would describe him as quietly competent and dependable. Some new crewmen who thought they could slack off thought he was an unrelenting hardass. Some subordinates who genuinely struggled with their duties found him generous and helpful. His exes would both describe him as easily distracted.

At first meeting in most circumstances, he tends to be reserved but more than willing to join in a conversation or pitch in to help with whatever needs to be done.
Strengths & Weaknesses His physical strength is something he has often relied on. It comes in handy and he feels like it’s something you can get through hard work alone - though his medical file notes that some of the experiments done on him in his youth maximized his potential in this regard.

He genuinely enjoys working in security. Not in the meathead sort of way some folks get into it looking for an excuse to be the ones in charge, but he likes the satisfaction maintaining order and peace provides. It’s also like a good puzzle sometimes - less often in the sense of a labyrinthine whodunit but more in figuring out what will best work to improve a situation.

A temper remains beneath his normally stoic demeanor. It takes a lot to bring it unbridled to the surface, but woe be unto them what do it.

Late in his career he has developed extreme claustrophobia and lingering symptoms of PTSD stemming from an incident during his last starship posting.
Ambitions Often enough over the years, he’s said that all he wants is one quiet day. A day where nobody does anything stupid to get themselves in trouble. No jackass comes looking to stir up problems for other folks. No alarms go off. But he knows he’d get bored with that before the day was done.

He has been surprised by how much he enjoys training the security personnel under him and guiding them into an effective unit.
Hobbies & Interests Powerlifting, Krav Maga, hiking and camping, pulpy detective novels

Personal History When Zaz was a toddler, his parents got scammed into emigrating to a colony with inadequate support and resources being managed by a minor crime syndicate. They expected a bucolic, agrarian life. They were essentially slaves. The children, including Zaz, were experimented on. Put to work extracting resources, stuck in a hole to fend off tube worms while machines drilled and sucked. Eventually, a Cardassian patrol liberated them. Destitute, they were given refuge on earth when he was 12.

On earth, his needs were met but he grew up angry. Angry at the syndicate that ran the scam. Angry at the thugs who did the dirty work. Angry at his parents for falling for the scam. Even angry at the federation for not breaking it up sooner. He got into fights often, mostly in attempts to enforce his sense of rough justice on the playground but, with his immature judgment, the 'right' people didn't always get hurt even in his own estimation. So he hated himself too.

A public safety officer paired with his social worker took Zaz under his wing. Brought him to the gym. Introduced him to some of the older folks there. They seemed to have their own code. Disputes happened, but they were settled. They were easy to respect and they showed respect to him too, helping with his workouts and motivating him. Most of these people were retired Starfleet crewmembers. Some security grunts. A science lab tech. A mechanic from Ops. They’d tell stories about the time they spent flying around the galaxy.

Zaz latched on to the idea of order and purpose that life in Starfleet came to represent to him. He dedicated himself to his studies and his fitness while doing his best to be an example of the sort of person he wanted to be. Upon graduation from High School, he enrolled in the Technical Services Academy with a focus on Security.

He served on a series of starships with distinction, working on both away teams and serving on shipboard roles. Regular promotions and his eventual completion of a remotely administered degree in Public Safety from Enaren University lead to his referral to Officer’s Candidate School and a commission as Lieutenant JG. He was eventually made Assistant Chief, serving as a de-facto partner to the young, new Lieutenant assigned to his ship as Chief of Security. When that Chief was lost on a disastrous away mission, Zaz was appointed acting Chief of Security until a new officer could come aboard.

While under way, disaster struck with loss of hull integrity and, while rescuing others, he was trapped in a very small space with air slowly leaking out and the already tight walls crumpling around him. He was unconscious by the time they got the compartment sealed off and extracted him.

After recovering from his physical injuries, he was cleared to return to duty but found himself suffering severe panic attacks in tight spaces. Even a turbolift ride that took too long made his skin crawl. It gave him flashbacks to being trapped. To being underground in the mines as a kid. The ship’s counselor recommended medical leave ground-side to work through his issues.

On Earth, he worked with counselors and took time off to consider the future of his career in Starfleet. He felt that he needed to get back to work, but couldn’t keep his composure on a suborbital flight without the use of a neural inhibitor.
Service Record 2346 - Born on earth
2348 - Family moved to colony
2358 - Liberated from colony by Cardassians.
2359 - Repatriated to the Federation.
2365-2366 - Technical Services Academy
2366-2367 - USS Callisto, Security Officer (E2)
2367-2370 - USS Callisto, Security Officer (E3)
2370-2374 - USS Aldelphi, Security Officer (PO3)
2374-2377 - USS Chancellor, Security Officer (PO2)
2377-2380 - USS Challenger, Security Officer (PO1)
2380-2385 - USS Enterprise, Armory Officer, PT Instructor (CPO)
2385 - Completed Degree in Public Safety, Enaren University
2386 - Starfleet OCS
2387-2389 - USS Meridian, Security Investigations Officer (LTJG)
2390-2391 - USS Meridian, Master-at-Arms (LTJG)
2392-2394 - USS Meridian, Assistant Chief Security Officer (LTJG)
2394 - USS Meridian, Acting Chief Security Officer (LTJG)
2395 - Medical leave
2396 - Security Training Officer, Marin County Shipyards

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