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Tal t'Leiya

Name Tal t'Leiya

Position School Principal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 102

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m (5'11")
Weight 84.8kgs (187 lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black/Brown
Physical Description Slender yet powerful in build, Tal puts a great deal of effort into his appearance and his physique. He still wears his hair in a style somewhat reminiscent of that he wore during his years in the fleet, albeit slightly less severe, and appears as a human in their 40's might.


Spouse Aliereth
Children Kalahaiaea (Kali) (46), Ieliene (14), Devora (12), Raikael (10)
Father Avelik (deceased in 2387)
Mother Saiea (deceased in 2387)
Brother(s) Eijael (deceased in 2302)
Sister(s) Ai'lara (deceased in 2389)
Other Family Sister in law Caithlin; niece and nephew Arenn and Telek (9)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A former security officer in the Romulan fleet and scion of a noble house, Tal has been in Federation space for almost 50 years with his wife, Aliereth, after the pair's departure from the Empire in protest of the growing power of the Tal Shiar. Since that time, he has become a father to four children and worked as a language instructor, university professor, and more recently, school principal.
Strengths & Weaknesses Like his wife, he has never quite lost the regal bearing of his former station in life, nor the ironclad personal control imparted to him by his decades of service in the fleet. Absolutely dispassionate and calm during a crisis, he nevertheless has a wicked sense of humor at other times and a great enjoyment of life, and has integrated into Federation society, life, and customs rather better over the decades than his wife has, and therefore often serves as the public-seeming "face" of the couple's interactions in many cases.
Ambitions Successfully provide an environment to raise his three younger children and his niece and nephew that allows a better existence for them than he feels was given to his firstborn; a place he hopes will be better for those like his children who have one foot each in two worlds, culturally; also, a place where he can feel fairly secure the remnants of the Tal Shiar will not continue to hunt them.
Hobbies & Interests In addition to Romulan and Federation Standard, Tal speaks Vulcan, Tholian, Ferengi, Klingon, Betazoid, Rigellian, and Cardassian. He is an expert at several Romulan martial arts, a former competition champion skilled in both long and short blades, and an expert shot with a disruptor. Like most former security officers, he is also skilled in basic emergency medical techniques, although only as concerns his own species or those similar. In addition to armed and unarmed combat, he enjoys hiking, painting, and fast vehicles; shortly after his arrival in the Federation he secured a pilot's license and later taught his oldest daughter to fly, taking great pride when she later served as a fighter pilot before transferring to intelligence work.

Personal History Tal was the second eldest of a senator's oldest child's three children; however when he was eight years old, the death of his older brother in battle profoundly altered the trajectory of his life, placing him in line to someday inherit his grandfather's titles and duties, in succession to his mother. He entered the Romulan military and spent the requisite years as a cadet at the Imperial War College, later undertaking his first assignment as a security officer aboard a warbird; roughly ten years later, he an his betrothed, Aliereth, married and sought a five-year posting to the homeworld in order to attempt to begin their family; intending to raise their child there for several years before leaving their son or daughter in the care of their extended family per custom and returning to shipboard duty.

Their time in the capital, however, served only to reinforce a growing realization among both that the Tal Shiar had gained far too much power over the last century, and even senators — even the praetor — had to fear them. Slowly, the two began to realize that should they someday inherit the posts they were destined for, they would never be able to fully speak their minds and fulfill those duties as their ancestors had; and after several years of quiet deliberation, the impending birth of their first child forced a decision and they made up their minds to leave the Empire, embarking near the height of the Empire's isolation on a six-month odyssey to cross the neutral zone and make their way into Federation space, a journey which involved no small amount of danger considering the caliber — or lack thereof — of the ships they were forced to book passage on, nor the ever-present threat of pursuit by the Tal Shiar or other entities. The pair were eventually resettled on Earth, where their eldest daughter was born in short order.

After their self-exile from the Empire, Tal found his skills as a security officer to have extremely limited marketability within the Federation, as few trusted him enough to employ him; when his wife secured employment as a university professor he soon followed suit, making use of his gift for linguistics by making a living teaching his own notoriously complex language; not only to students at the university but also on the side to members of the Federation diplomatic corps and Starfleet. Remaining loyalty to their people, however, and unwillingness to forsake their citizenship to the Empire kept the pair from taking to final steps and becoming Federation citizens; until the destruction wrought by the Hobus incident and the information relayed by Aliereth's sister, Caithlin, on her arrival a few years later, made it clear there was no longer an Empire to be loyal to...or a place for them among the powers to rise out of its fall; and Tal, Aliereth, and Caithlin officially became Federation citizens in 2393.

More recently, family friend Gunnar Arnason, knowing Tal and Aliereth sought an environment away from the scrutiny, threats, and complications of life for those like them in either the center of the Federation or the remains of the Empire, suggested they relocate to the Haumea Colony; which worked well with Caithlin's work at the time for the Bray Foundation. With several decades of experience by that point as a professor, Tal secured a job as the principal of the colony's school, and the family arrived on Haumea in 2396.

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