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Raikael t'Leiya

Name Raikael T'alana t'Leiya

Position Child

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 10

Physical Appearance

Height 1.47m (4'10")
Weight 43kgs (95 lbs)
Hair Color Black/Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A currently petite powerhouse, Raikael's otherwise slender physique is packed with muscle, unusual grace, and nearly unerring accuracy...Mixed with an occasionally over the top yet somehow always well curated mix of clothes and accessories that perhaps send the message "easily distracted by shiny objects".


Father Tal
Mother Aliereth
Sister(s) Kalahaiaea (Kali) (46), Ieliene (14), Devora (12)
Other Family Aunt Caithlin, Cousins Arenn (9) and Telek (9)

Personality & Traits

General Overview The youngest of Tal and Aliereth's four children, she usually has a ready smile and a fearless countenance for new experiences and making new friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amazing physical coordination and reflexes; a relatively cheerful and energetic disposition; but somewhat exhausting perhaps to those without her seemingly endless level of energy and can sometimes have something of a flair for the dramatic. A truly epic level of determination, but sometimes crosses the line into stubbornness.
Ambitions Compete in and win galactic gymnastics events; convince her parents to let her try to and then to acquire some modeling jobs; to have unlimited access to candy.
Hobbies & Interests Gymnastics; fashion and modeling; fencing, archery, and knife throwing; horsemanship and riding; photography. She has somewhat of an interest in other galactic cultures as well, perhaps fostered by her extroversion and her early life exposure to Gunnar and his similar interest, one of her special fondnesses within that interest in fact is for Dosadi culture, almost certainly due to early life exposure to Gunnar's Dosadi friend T'Ango.

Personal History Raikael is perhaps the most "outwardly intense" of the young Romulans on the colony--she is highly extroverted and in some ways the least imbued with certain more restrained aspects of her ancestral culture, even vs her sisters. Hints of the stereotypical Romulan focus and dedication can be seen, however, in her drive for mastery of those areas and skills she holds of particular interest and value.

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