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Master Chief Petty Officer Lucas Nilsson

Name Lucas Nilsson

Position Structural/Environmental Specialist

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lucas is of slight build and average height. He keeps his hair slightly long so that is appears a bit shaggy.


Spouse Vanessa Ross, 44
Children Tyler Nilsson, 12

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucas is a talented engineer. Through his years of experience and his vibrant personality, he is well-respected and generally listened to by those he serves with, regardless of rank.

Off duty, Lucas enjoys hiking and backpacking, whether in reality or in a holodeck. He is known to frequent the Sumi Saloon on Saturday evenings to catch up with friends over a few pints of beer.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Vibrant personality
+ Friendly
+ Always willing to help out
- Stubborn
- A bit pessimistic from his Dominion War service
Ambitions After retiring from Starfleet, he hopes to move to a colony and begin farming. Perhaps he'll return to Haumea?
Hobbies & Interests Hiking and backpacking, Tinkering

Personal History Lucas Nilsson was born in Sweden on Earth. Like many others, he enlisted in Starfleet as early as he could on the promise of seeing new worlds and exploring the final frontier. A naturally gifted engineer, he received advanced training in engineering from the Starfleet Technical Service Academy (on Mars), specializing in structural engineering. Lucas has seen service across Starfleet, working on both stations and starships. However, this is his first assignment to a colony. Lucas is looking forward to mostly working on more "traditional" structural engineering tasks, particularly those involving buildings instead of bulkheads.

Lucas is married to Vanessa Ross. His wife is a Logistics Manager for the civilian side of the colony. Fortuitously, when he received transfer orders to Haumea, there was an open logistics position. They have a son, Tyler, who is 12.
Service Record 2371-2372: Starfleet Technical Service Academy (Mars), Structural engineering focus
2372: Graduated STSA as a Crewman, Third Class
2372-2374: Structural Engineering Crewman, USS Andoria
2373: Promoted to Crewman, Second Class
2374: Promoted to Crewman, First Class
2374-2375: Structural Engineering/Damage Control Crewman, USS Powell (Dominion War temporary transfer)
2375: Promoted to Petty Officer, Third Class
2375-2377: Structural Engineering Crewman, Starbase 49
2377: Promoted to Petty Officer, Second Class
2377-2382: Structural Engineering Crew Supervisor, Starbase 49
2380: Promoted to Petty Officer, First Class
2382-2388: Structural Engineering Specialist, USS Valiant
2385: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
2388-2393: Structural Engineering Specialist, USS Europa
2390: Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer
2393-2396: Structural Engineering Specialist, Starbase 1
2396: Promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer
2396-Present: Structural Engineering Specialist, Haumea Colony

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