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Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 10:23am by Captain Luka Mahone

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To: Captain Luka Mahone

Captain Mahone, it has come to our attention that your science teams have uncovered the remains of a shuttle dated over one hundred years prior to the first expedition of the Federation colony known as Haumea. We have reason to believe that the remains of this shuttle are part of an investigation under the purview of Starfleet Intelligence and, due to the confidential nature of said investigation, we are hearby taking over the ownership of these remains. The shuttle itself is to be quarantined pending an investigation by Starfleet Intelligence, and any and all data upon the matter must be confiscated and held to Clearance Level 7. Consider this an Order Theta.

A team from Starfleet Intelligence will come to retrieve any and all items regarding the shuttle at a later date, as arranged through your yeoman.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. We will remain in contact.



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