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Lieutenant JG Kikua Mahone

Name Kikua Mahone

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 136 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a boyish face and a mischievous glint in his eyes, Kikua has the Mahone youth curse of being mistaken for someone much younger. His skin shows hints of enjoying the sun, with tan lines of varying severity where shirts and shorts end. Evidence on his body suggests that he's been in a couple of odd phaser accidents, from his short stint of time attempting to learn more action-oriented approach to Starfleet, as well as a few of the more experimental routes he took during his academic engineering career.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kye Mahone
Mother Alana Mahone
Brother(s) Luka Mahone
Sister(s) Alika Mahone

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kikua is, by most counts, a follower in nature. He doesn't much care to lead, and will happily follow orders, so long as they sound reasonable. In his Academy career, he's learned that keeping a low profile means not performing actions that would get noticed, and being a follower seems to be as low profile as he can get.

He's also a mite bit mischievous, especially when he's unchecked. Kikua is not afraid to get himself in a little trouble if it means there's some entertainment involved. His Academy discipline has reigned him back a little, but he won't hesitate to cause a little (mostly harmless) trouble.

He lives a little for the glory, and is easily enabled by those around him. Any sort of praise tends to get his motivation up, whether it be from a higher up or a friend looking to pull a prank. While he's not as easily manipulated as he could be, Kikua's potential decisions are influenced by those around him.

What got Kikua through the Academy, as well as through most of his schooling career, was his uncanny ability to single out a problem and find the easiest way to solve it. He has a critical eye, which is able to assess the issue in front of him faster than most, and he's rarely afraid to use it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kikua has been sighted to have an ingenuity that his instructors praise him for, allowing him to spot a problem before it becomes a problem. It's made up for his lack of knowledge retention, which tends to have him spouting engineering concepts in terms of 'thing' and 'thingie' as opposed to actual terms. He knows his stuff, but being able to convey to others that he knows his stuff is another matter entirely.

Even with his carefully sculpted 'low-profile' aura, Kikua is not afraid to speak up when he feels the situation calls for a different action than the command given. Most times, it has been seen as a sign of 'mouthing off,' which has gotten him into quite a bit of trouble.

The biggest weakness Kikua seems to have is that he lacks direction and drive. With the disconnection from his more ambitious sister, he sort of flails about like a fish in the water while he tries to determine career goals and his 'way of life.' Starfleet might have been his choice, but he's still not entirely sure that's where he wants to stay, which causes indecision in his own future.

This would also stand to reason that Kikua has an issue thinking for himself. He has been so used to his sister making most of the decisions, or his parents dragging him from place to place, that when it came time for him to decide himself, he froze, and hasn't managed to get himself out of the rut ever since.
Ambitions He may not recognize it as an ambition, but Kikua has a desire to find his own path.
Hobbies & Interests Kikua loves model cars, whether it be the most recent model of hovercar or the first model T. The more pieces it has, the more likely Kikua is to get himself lost in it.

Like his brother, Kikua highly enjoys water sports of most natures, as well as soccer.

Personal History Considered the middle of three, Kikua was born and raised by Kye and Alana with his 'younger' twin sister in Hawaii. As infants, they did just about everything together, from joining in on each other's activities to sleeping in the same crib. If one was pulled apart, even for the most positive of reasons, the other would, without fail, pitch a fit until they were returned to their twin.

This trend would go on through their elementary school years, where teachers insisted upon separating them to 'socialize with others.' The twins were, predictably, resistant to any form of separation, and made an effort to make trouble for any instructor who dared try to break them apart. This led to countless parent-teacher meetings, multiple complications, and threats for the twins to be medicated or pulled out of the schooling system.

The struggle put strain on all members of the family, including their brother, whose pristine record and eventual enrollment in Starfleet Academy made pressures upon the twins almost unbearable. They resolved very early on that they weren't going to follow their brother into Starfleet, but that they'd prove to their parents that they would be able to pave their own path, one that wouldn't land them in prison.

Unfortunately, this seemed to coincide with their teenage years, and, subsequently, puberty. Alika was first, turning her attention from doing just about everything with her brother, to boys and social gatherings. Kikua followed along to the best of his ability, but there were some things even a thirteen year old boy wasn't willing to tolerate. He eventually found himself a new group of friends to hang out with whenever Alika decided to run off on her more girly adventures, making middle school and the early parts of high school at least more bearable.

By the time the twins hit the age of 16, they were waving goodbye to their older brother and turning toward their own pursuits. With their parents' attention focused on whether Luka was going to come back with some alien sickness in a year or so, the twins began to devise a plan for post-graduation. Alika insisted that they should follow Luka into space, not necessarily through Starfleet, but by some other means. She had apparently conned some young Klingon warlord hopeful into dragging them both aboard his father's warship, a thought that would have appealed to Kikua if it didn't sound like 'running away.'

He would never have a chance to decide one way or another. One night, while the rest of the house was sound asleep, Alika stole away with her 'boyfriend,' dashing off into the far reaches of space before anyone noticed she was gone. The sheer thought that his sister would just up and leave him without a word infuriated the young boy, but without any way of contacting her, Kikua would have had to settle for anger and unanswered questions.

It took Kikua a year to gather his bearings and figure out what he was going to do. Spiting his sister seemed to be his motivation, as he enrolled in Starfleet upon reaching the age of 17. Much to his parents' surprise, he passed the entrance exam, and was well on his way to making something of himself.

Kikua's first thought was to attempt at the route that some of the more naive boys decided upon; Security and Tactical. This route seemed to appeal to him, especially when he decided they'd be taking part in duties that resembled some of his video games. He swiftly decided that option wasn't for him upon realizing that this was not the case, especially with all the paperwork they would have had to do. With recommendation, and a lot of goading out of one of his instructors, Kikua was then placed on an Engineering track, which he soon fell in love with. Engineering allowed him the freedom he needed to tinker and do whatever duties he was told to, but with minimal paperwork and 'boring stuff.'

Without his sister around to goad him into causing trouble, Kikua graduated Starfleet within four years, turning around to request a station on a colony or a Starbase, instead of one of the Fleet's various vessels. Whether it was through sheer luck or the strings his father managed to pull, Kikua found himself stationed on Leto Colony, on his way to reconnect with his older brother, and to put his past behind him. When Luka transferred away from the Colony, Kikua decided to stay, engrossing himself with work until he was eventually called back home due to family emergency. Instead of returning to the Colony, the young Mahone twin decided to thrust himself into the next assignment.

-- Interim history not provided --
Service Record Starfleet Academy [Years TBD; Engineering Path]
Leto Colony [2389 - 2392; Engineering Officer - Ensign]
-- 6 Month Leave --
USS Nimoy [2393 - 2394; Engineering Officer - Ensign]
Haumea Colony [2395 - Current; Assistant Chief Engineering Officer - Lt. Jr. Grade]

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