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Cornelius Warner

Name Cornelius Warner MS

Position Brewmaster/Owner

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-Betazed (no empathic abilities)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 182
Hair Color Paprika
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description A medium sized man, Cornelius hardly stands out from a regular crowd if you don’t know what you’re looking for. A pair of Old Earth Ray Bann Round Metal sunglasses often cover his face, a running joke among his friends that he is constantly hungover. He keeps a neat beard and fancy styled haircut, changing from time to time between various sweeping styles. Both his arms are covered in tattoo sleeves, the right depicting comic book art from Earth’s past, his left covered in video games.

Taking good care of himself, Cornelius is fit, keeping himself toned, and often can be seen running around the colony to maintain that. His skin is fair, tanning fairly easy. He is fairly narrow, giving him a slender look.


Father James Warner, Captain RET
Mother Lucinda Warner, Ph D. Starfleet Medical School
Sister(s) 2: Alexandra Warner (28), Gwendolyn Warner (26).

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cornelius is a generally upbeat and people person, great at mixing with just about any crowd. A regular social butterfly, it was often thought he was going to be a diplomat like his father before him. Known for his warm smile and a twinkle in his eyes, he loves spending time in the taproom of his brewery, he’ll sit and listen to anyone. That always seemed to be his special trait, he could sit and convince just about anyone to tell him their life’s story. A deeply compassionate man, he is known for his caring for others, often using his brewery to help put on community affairs, and donating a lot of the latinum from sales outside the Federation to groups in need. He can often come off as disconnected though, when people notice him from group to group to talk to people. People often also get attached, which leads to people feelings put off when he doesn’t return their same level of affection for them.

In an odd contrast to that, he has a strong sense of right and wrong, with little issue cutting ties with someone who he feels is making moves to violate that, growing even cold and distant. To people caught inside this sphere of feeling, it can feel jarring as it often seems out of character. This, combined with the way he can seem to sneak into any room without people actually noticing him, can have people that don’t know him well off put when they first meet him, if it isn’t somewhere social.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: A strong ability to talk to anyone, and an excellent listener. Deeply compassionate, has not problems donating time and energy to help others. Heavy empathy. Strong moral compass, and will for doing what is right.

As a member of SFI he is surprising adept at using his ability to slip into a room to slip into areas he is less likely to be noticed, and has become an excellent at getting into places, under the guise of being a bartender and later brewery owner.

Weaknesses: Can get a little abrasive towards people who he feels have wronged him. Some people can also find his jovial and friendly nature unsettling if combined with the fact people often don’t notice him enter the room. His ability to mesh well can lead to issues with people growing attached to his attention, resulting in them getting upset when he doesn’t return a level of affection.
Ambitions Considering his line of work, Cornelius Warner would say he is exactly where he would like to be. Owner of a successful brewery, exporter of a fine selection of goods, and a decently well regarded SFI Infiltration specialist. Although he has considered the thought of opening a bar in San Francisco, the younger generation has become enamoured with craft beer again.
Hobbies & Interests An avid sports enthusiast, Corelius is excited for the winter time on Haumea, as it will be an opportunity to snowboard in the real world. He is also a collector of old earth vinyl records, comic books and video games. Along with this, he enjoys reading, a tobacco pipe he keeps in his office, and gasoline powered motorcycles. As part of his business, he is always trying to add new flavours to his brews, and experiments with a small home brew kit in his condo.

Personal History Born to be the eldest child of Lucinda and James Warner aboard the USS Victoria in 2360. His father, a Lieutenant at the time, was a Diplomatic officer, his mother a civilian doctor and Betazoid. Unlike his sisters, it always appeared that Cornelius would fail to inherit any of his mother’s abilities, although doctors always suspected that his ability to brighten a room might be in part due to undeveloped abilities.

Between his birth and the breakout of the Dominion War, the young Warner had little in the way of particularly interesting life. While popular in school, he was, at best, a middle of the road child, although showed a natural instinct of Diplomacy. It was suspected, like his father, he would end up in the Diplomatic Corps. At the breakout of the Dominion War however, their ship was caught near Earth, and him, his mother, and his two younger sisters were offloaded to San Francisco, where his mother took a teaching career instead. This period of conflict changed the boy slightly in his perception of the war, coming to a head during the attack on Earth by the Breen. Many of his family described the incident as having “aligned Cornelius’ moral compass”, and from there on, he became the kind of person to stand up for the little guy, wanting to make sure the injustices left over from the war never happened again. He even seemed to put efforts into his studies, squeaking out an Honours finish when he left High School.

This allowed him to land a position at Starfleet Academy as a General Studies first year. This allowed him to try and find where in the Fleet he would be happiest, feeling like this may be his best opportunity to make a difference. While he had intended to follow in his father’s shoes, a mentor of his in the program, one Commander Graham O’Donnal suggested instead Intelligence. And at the end of his first year, Cornelius was going into Intelligence Studies, specializing in analysis and field work. Again, with a passion for his work, Cornelius managed to end with Honours, no top of his class per say, but high enough to gain some notice.

Out of the Academy he was handed a field operative position as an Ensign, stationed near the Romulan Border on the USS Sarengeli as the Romulans rebuilt. The Sarengeli was later used to ferry diplomats to Romulus, where he ended up being moved to as a Diplomatic Analyst. Here he earned a reputation for sitting in the local bars, drinking with Romulan and Federation Diplomats alike. His ability to be friendly with anyone caught the attention of several higher ups, and when it was discovered his hobby of hosting “less than regulation” parties in the Academy and even on Romulus and acting as a bartender, a small plan was devised.

From here, publicly available records and Starfleet Intelligence differ. Officially Cornelius resigned his commission after only 5 years to work in a bar in the Federation embassy. He would later acquire said bar when a member of his family inexplicably left him with a large sum of Federation credit. When Romulus was destroyed in 2387, along with his bar, he would then go on to star Silver Tongue Brewery, a thing he would joke was a play on his past in Intelligence. The brewery would open on a Canopus, and would quickly begin trades throughout Federation space. It seemed wherever a major diplomatic meeting would occur, Silver Tongue would show up willing to support the effort, and if it was a big enough event, you could be sure that Cornelius Warner would be there to make sure the bar was catered properly.

That was the official record anyways.

Unofficially, funding was funneled through the various means to Cornelius and his bar and later Brewery, with the intent of getting him into places that an Intelligence Officer would be nearly impossible to get to. Under the rouse of business trips, he received training as an Infiltration Agent, and while he no longer possessed a rank in Starfleet, he was used as an asset when necessary. Whether it was hopes of catching dubious factions in the Federation, or using it as an opportunity to sneak people into facilities, Silver Tongue Brewing was as much an Intelligence Operation as a passion project of Agent Warner. To top it off, Cornelius himself often found himself breaking into high level rooms, having become an adept lock pick and security bypass specialist.

This isn’t to say that he is all work, the Brewery is truly a love of Cornelius’. He has a passion for his beer, as well as for his taproom, making an effort to incorporate exciting and exotic flavours from across the Federation in his beer. From a Vulcan Ale he made using spices from Vulcan, Andorian style Stouts, and even managed to occasionally get his hands on Kheh, a grain grown in Romulan space to make his own Romulan Ale (referred to by him as an Imperial Ale). When he isn’t working for SFI, he puts himself into the business, and actually has made a fairly successful business of the brewery.

With rising tensions in the vicinity of the Cardassian Border, especially regarding colonies that felt themselves lacking in a proper way to track some of these angles. So Cornelius was approached to ask if he would relocate the Brewery to Haumea Colony. Taking it as an opportunity to get away from the bustle of a developed planet, he took the chance and began the lengthy process of moving his business.
Service Record 2378 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy General Studies
2379 - Transferred to Starfleet Intelligence Track
2382 - Completed Starfleet Academy - assigned to USS Sarengeli
2383 - Assigned to Federation Embassy on Romulus
2386** - "Resigned" from Starfleet and entered into undercover operation; Purchased "No Hope in Hell" from original owner.
2387 - Romulus Destroyed along with bar.
--Opened "Silver Tongue Brewing"
--Relocated to Canopus
2389** - Took part in operation to gain access to Ferengi Trade Network, and access to current dealings
--**Responsible for revealing a pirate organization inside Federation space and it's dismantelling
2394 - Was responsible for catering of a negotiation of a new species entering the Federation that the Romulan Star Empire was attempting to keep separate. **Directly tied to getting agents in to prevent an attempt to poison the delegates.
2395** - Haumea Colony is founded towards edge of Federation Space. Due to interest in the colony itself and in keeping an eye on potential smuggling and operation, was requested to relocate head office of brewery to the colony.
2396 - Landed supplied and equipment, having successfully moved to Haumea.

** - Denotes files that are classified or covered up with other facts.

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